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Gimmick it might be, but it's a fun one!

There was Potter-watching. As usual it involved lots of slashariffic giggling and at one point everyone in our row jumped at the same time even though everybody knew what was going to happen. Beats me how that works. I'm not gonna do spoilers but I think it was worth the money to go see it.

There were also sheep. I got a call last Tuesday saying they had broken through the solar powered electric fence and were marauding the garden and what to do? I suggested closing the road gate and that I'd fix it on the weekend. When I got there there was one at the bottom of the drive, 6 in their paddock and 9 in the vegie patch. The garden is looking... pruned. The sheep are looking.. smug. Only now they're safely tucked away in the back paddock where they can maraud the overgrowth and hopefully the garden will recover. Sheep are insulated, and electric fences don't always work on them, apparently.

And then there was paint!

I'd wondered how the whole paint concept was going to work, given that normally when you mix colours indiscriminately, you get turd brown. And given that this paint was fluoro, I was wondering if we'd all end up a lovely shade of fluoro turd brown. It was handed out in binfuls of squirty bottles and people just chucked it around randomly for about 20 minutes..

My favourite maniac

As you can see, the paint colours stayed surprisingly segregated. There were definitely some turd brown people, but those were the ones who got completely saturated in it and then rubbed themselves all over each other. For those of us that managed to stay relatively unscathed, the paint dried quite quickly and stayed pretty. And no, once the brown was achieved, it wasn't fluoro any more. Any science geeks care to explain this to me?

Anyway, it was fun, would do again.

The music was.. ok. It started out kind of eclectic, went through dubstep to drum and bass, then stayed there. Tiki started acoustic, which was ok for a couple of songs but that was enough of that. He chased it up with dnb, which was better, but by the time his set was finished I (and most of the group I was with) was ready for a change of pace. Unfortunately we didn't get one, as the next act was drum n bass too. Three hours of dnb is the kind of thing you expect at a dnb gig, not a 'generic' dance party. And it was very strange with the UV lights and the fluoro paint flying around and tons of glowsticks everywhere, having drum n bass. The music morphed into house at about 2:30am but by then a lot of people had bailed and we were done, I'd lost my vibe, and we went home, had THE BEST SHOWER EVER, and rolled around on soft warm sheets, which was a nice way to end an evening.

So while I think it was a lot of fun and the paint thing, while gimmicky, was also very cool, the party failed as a rave. I'll probably email them some feedback about it - I'm totally fine with dnb but I think if they're going for the eclectic, they have to have a progression and my progression would put dnb later in the evening (say 3:30-4 ish, before the superhard styles, when only the hardcore are left) or make it the first set if they're planning on making the sweet spot based around hardhouse, then morph into psy later. But that's me. I know a lot of Wellington still think there are only two styles of music - dnb and hardhouse.

So while I'd definitely do the paint thing again, if the lineup were the same for the next one, I wouldn't bother.

Also, thanks to all the WDC folks who came, it was cool to have a dance with you all.

Yesterday was spent entirely in bed, not all of it sleeping. I thoroughly recommend this as a Sunday activity. ;-)

I managed to put my back out on Saturday lifting a wooden gate one-handed while sliding around on a wet hillside. The gyrating on Saturday night helped, but I'm still very stiff and sore. I may have to give hooping a miss tonight in favour of gentle stretching, some groaning, and the Illuminati Temple meeting. Speaking of which, do I have the date for that right?
Tags: dancing!, fluoro freaks unite, maniacal photo collection
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