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Last night's nocturnal adventures were about amanita muscaria. Not only do I think these are beautiful, I'm also fascinated with them. They've been around since forever and have been used as everything from a food source to a method of killing flies. Some people think they are the source of the Soma described in the Rig Veda. And of course, they have psychoactive properties. Like all mushrooms, they're unpredictable and since they're also poisonous*, preparation is required before one would ingest them.

In my dream the preparation involved stuffing them with bacon, cheese and herbs, and baking them in a camp oven. I'm pretty sure this isn't what Erowid suggests as preparation, although it seems from some looking around that if I were to boil them first I could probably do this without killing anyone.

* By poisonous, I mean yes, eating them could kill you, and the LD50 varies with season, climate and a variety of other things, but it's generally accepted that you'd have to eat more than one (ie ~15) before you died.

Just as a word of warning, there are eighteen species of amanita in New Zealand, one of which is the Death Cap, our most poisonous species. Luckily, I guess, muscaria is easy to recognise because it's RED LIKE A FIRE ENGINE!

Note here: Hi Mum. *waves* Don't worry, I'm not about to go picking fly agaric mushrooms and cooking them up for my friends. I didn't get to 39 by being stupid. And if I were to consider experimenting with them for their psychoactive properties, I would do a hell of a lot of research first, and go very carefully. Just saying.

So anyway, it's not really surprising that I'm dreaming about them considering I've been reading about them, amongst other things, in this book.

One of the things I really like about the book is the feel of it. I don't know if they've gone for cheap printing, but the pages are sort of floppy, as is the cover, and it has the feel of fabric. The whole thing feels soft and pliable, similar to the pages of a bible, without the fragility. These pages are strong, but thin and soft. It's.. noticeable every time I touch it, and it adds to the experience. I likes me some tactile books!

Meanwhile, I have Teh Crank. I saw the Dreary coming down out of the hills as I walked to work, and now it's all around our building. I know it's July, I know we should expect bad weather, but I really wish the academic knowledge that sunshine hours at this time of year are lower would somehow equate to my brain manufacturing Extra Emergency Vitamin D of its own. Or that we were all allowed to take the month off and hibernate. Yeah. That's a plan.
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