tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

*blinkblink* O HAI real world, can I hide now?

...so why is it that I always assume I'm the least smart, least educated person in any gathering?

Probably because of the people I surround myself with.

(and my knowledge of just how easy a step it would be to be back wiping sheep's bums again*)

Speaking of dying industries, the nice lady who gave me a ride to work today and yesterday is in the clothing manufacturing industry, and she expects to be unemployed by Christmas. Not due to lack of demand for clothing, but to outsourcing of manufacturing to India and China. She's been in the industry 27 years and is terrified of having to reskill at a point when she should be cruising into retirement. I don't blame her. Meanwhile, one of my top industry advisors got made redundant yesterday. That guy is amazingly switched on, and him being out of work is a very graphic reminder of how things are going out in the real (read: reliant on selling stuff) world of employment.

Even though I know my skillset will be in demand whatever the government does, and that in my org mine will be one of the last jobs to go, I am still glad I have a trade.

* You'd be surprised how many university-educated shearers and woolhandlers are out there.
Tags: doom, gloom, have you got a trade?, what about a flag?
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