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In which I celebrate the universe going my way (and make a suggestion)

Exam results finally appeared yesterday, after a day in which I hadn't thought about it at all, The Kid reminded me to have a look and there they were! And hard on the heels of that, it seems the lecturer for this trimester's CRIM course is a bit more onto it than the last one - the course notes are available, the course outline is up, and signup for tutorials starts tomorrow. This is a huge difference from the mad disorganised scramble that was my last CRIM course. So yay.

And, tutorial attendance isn't part of the mandatory course requirements, so my three weeks of Africaness in the middle won't be an issue. The fact that the due date for the essay is 2 days after I get back might be. I'm going to attempt to get the essay into final draft form before I leave. Luckily, my topic leaped out at me within a millisecond of looking at the options* - "Illicit drug use causes crime" - critically evaluate this statement.

*glee* And the best bit is I have reference material for this out the wazoo, so while I will go to the library, I'm not reliant on it for info. *squee*

* Who am I kidding, I didn't even look at the other options...

One of the things that was an issue when I was paying Child Support was that I get paid fortnightly, and Child Support is paid monthly. Some months have three pays in them and others only have two, and my employer calculated the fortnightly amount based on a year's salary. What this ended up meaning was that some months they forwarded too much and others not enough, and I'd get letters which I could never really get my head around so I'd just throw them away, and it all came out in the wash at the end of the year.

Thinking about this got me wondering - why do we have 12 months? The year is 52 weeks, which divided by 4 makes 13*. It would make life much simpler to have 13 four-week months, and I can't for the life of me figure out why this hasn't already been done. I mean, we adopted the metric system to make things tie in to each other and keep them simple, yet we're still operating on this calendar that was invented when things like monthly payments vs fortnightly reimbursement vs annual salary weren't an issue. In this day and age, people actually get charged interest on those payments that aren't enough, so there's an economic reason to bring the weeks, months and years into line with each other.

Happy, please make it happen kthxbye.

* We also have 13 moons. It'd make the pagans happy if the full moon was always on a day when they could have a sleep in the next morning.

This morning I got picked up by a nice lady named Maureen who sees me walking every day and thought she'd offer me a lift. She picks up people who work at a clothing factory in her van, and she was talking about how many redundancies there have been in her industry lately. It's sad. Clothing workers never really make decent money anyway, and to be made redundant when already behind is just the kind of thing to make that rich/poor gap nice and wide. The Business Roundtable must be cackling with glee. Anyway, she took me to the central railway station. Consequently I got to work at 7:15am, and I think I should go home early to make up for it. *nod*

And and AND! Only two days to go! (Mr Wheel, I am working on The List)
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