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And from the Bizarro-World file...

Last night in my dreams, Sophie and I had a threesome with Dave-my-ex-from-many-years-ago. For some reason this involved quite a lot of me telling him not to pee in my pot plants!

Prize for the most accurate depiction of what Freud would say about THAT.

We had a house full of witches last night, so I lit the fire for them, because I've heard the saying "Cold as a witch's tit" and I just couldn't stomach the thought of 13 pairs of witch's tits proving it right, in my lounge*. They brought food - lots of it. My conclusion - witches live on sugar and carbohydrates.

My flatmate is running a series of classes on the basics of witchcraft. Last night's class was the first and it was about grounding and centring, and it went really well. I'm not participating in the classes, mostly because the teacher and I go way back (yes pombagira, I still remember that day out the back of Fidels - me: every time I walk past a radio it spews static at me! you: here is how you ground yourself.. etc.. and the rest is history), but I get to observe by virtue of being in the lounge, and then we get to dissect and debrief after - I like to think of it as making myself useful as a sounding board although Polly might say different!

Anyway, anyone who's been to one of Polly's talks will know she's an engaging speaker and that she knows her stuff. One of the things that seems to happen with people new to the concept of energy/magic (without a freaking K, y'hear!) is that they want to use it. It's tempting, and understandable - it's really not that different from anything new that you have. Hey, when I bought my snowboard I slept with it the first two nights! *cough* Anyway, yeah. People get this tool and they want to use it. And start looking for places to use it, where they may not otherwise have considered it as an option.

Whether or not you believe in magic, it's true that you can get yourself into a lot of trouble playing with energy indiscriminately. It really doesn't matter if you believe it's a gift from some deity, whether you believe you're channelling the Universal WA or whether you believe you're simply fiddling around with your own psyche by waving your hands and expecting everything to suddenly work the way you want it to - the consequences of frivolous playing around with that kind of thing can be.. unexpected. Especially if you start expecting to be able to use magic to fix your life.

Enter Polly, who isn't just about "Here is how you ground yourself woogie woogie lalala" - the whole concept of being grounded is about The Real WorldTM, and the fact that you're in it. So being grounded doesn't just mean being At One With The Energy Of The Earth, it also means Keeping It Real. And reality goes like this:

In other words, energy/magic/focused intent is all very well, but without real world action it's a bit like buying a gym membership and expecting to get fit without actually going and working out - with all the associated disappointment when it doesn't work, and the negative consequences of having lost something and gained nothing, never mind the self-esteem issues associated with that, or the loss of respect from other people, etc etc etc. You get the idea.

So when the subject of magic as a way of preventing harrassment came up, and Polly's reply was "The magical restraining order"**, my little inner observer was skipping around going *SQUEEEEE* This is why I love Polly. The folks that are learning from her are in good hands, I reckon.

* No they weren't naked, but I bet you were imagining it that way..
** The law has its own kind of magic. Think of the consequences for someone who has a restraining order against their name. That's a way better curse than trying to turn someone into a frog. *nod*

I will be at Fidels tonight for a little while. It's been a bit quieter the last couple of weeks and I kind of like it. I love seeing the people but lots of people all at once makes me want to run away. This could be fixed by removing the tables, adding some shiny lights and a dj, and playing psytrance, but that seems unlikely to happen any time soon, so meanwhile I'm enjoying the smaller group. ;-)
Tags: fix my life with magic!, i loves my polly, weird dreams ftw, witches!
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