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I want a hippogriff. You should buy me one.

Yay for Harry Potter! No spoilers here but yes, do go see it. It's fun!

And the water was damn cold, Kim and Allie proved themselves nerveless, whereas Sean, Thomas and myself come under the catergory of 'woos'. Not Uberwoos though, that's reserved for those who didn't get wet (yes you).

Kim's scones are heavenly and, amazingly, go well with beer.

Brooklyn Park is the best place for wokboarding so far. The hills need to be steeper than we originally thought, so the botanical gardens, Mt Vic and Berhampore Golf Course spring to mind. Anyone who can think of anywhere else, we'd love to know about it.

Anyway, grist, who is temporarily crippled, nobly volunteered to be the camera-dude so we could make our very own wokboarding videos. Here they are:




And, we discovered that the guys in the original video are rubbing their butts because the wok gets hot, not because of bruising. I'm looking forward to trying it on snow.
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