tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow!

Please watch out for kimeros! She may look all innocent in her pink dressing gown, smiling beatifically at the world. But behind that soft, welcoming gaze there lurks an Evil Mastermind who will take over the world then hand you your ass at table tennis with no remorse.

And make it be fun, so you will go down willingly and smiling.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

And I'm sticking to this grazing on horse food and munching pills diet so far. Noticeable changes so far include:

Stuff all actually.

I definitely feel better. Thursday was the low point and I've been pretty stable moodwise since then. One or two attacks of Morning Grump, but not floods of tears or tanties, just short-term muttering. Of the last five days I've spent three of them focusing intensely on intellectual pursuits, and had no trouble keeping focus. My boobs still hurt, but I was able to hoop on Monday night. I feel hungry a lot. Yesterday I ate:

1 banana, 2 apples, 1 pear, a good double handful of nuts and dried fruit, 2 bikkies, a slice of toast, a stalk of celery, pizza-by-beagl (vegie and mmmTasty), some peach sorbet. I think that's it. Is that enough? Normally there'd be spinach in there too, but I was out for dinner and didn't want to ruin that. I went to bed feeling replete, but found myself getting hungry at 9am, 11am, 1pm, etc during the day. Weird.

Other things - I have no monthly zits, which is nice. Also, my head itches. No, it's not cooties (i checked), my scalp has gone scurfy - as in I can feel roughnes at the base of my hairs, and combing produces copious dandruff. I had a couple of weeks with no dandruff, but this week it's returned in force, and I'm wondering because of the rough skin/tingling thing, if I'm having some kind of reaction. Which is weird given that the rest of my skin is fine.

I was musing the other day on self care - I never really bothered that much with it before very recently, because it seemed like time not well spent. But these days, pampering myself is something I get something out of that makes it worth doing - 20 seconds with the facial scrub in the shower for the sake of skin that feels Not Like The Man Leather! pays me back in more than the time it took to do. And I like it.

Am I turning into a girl?

Also, am I turning into a parent? thomasdequinc had a couple of friends stay over the other night, and fielding phone calls from their folks about whether it was ok, what time they should be home, etc, gave me one of those "Oh golly I'm parenting" moments. Next week it's parent teacher interviews, which will be another completely new experience. How on earth do you glean information in 5 minutes that is sufficient to help guide a kid through the curriculum for the rest of the year? Especially given that the other side of that 5 mins has to deal with parent after parent until they all run together into a meaningless puddle of parentness.

I sincerely hope that The Kid has made enough of an impression on his teachers that they are able to say something of value in 5 minutes.. (if he's anything like me as a kid he will have, but it could be "what an awesome kid" or "call the exorcist STAT!")


Between now and then, I have my 'peer review' thingy today (in which my tutorial group gets to dissect my essay for redrafting in 2 weeks *meep*), meetings Thursday and Friday, dinners Thursday and Friday, then *squuueeeeeeeee* a weekend in Kuratau with ferrouswheel, in which despite all the temptations of the local area (which we did look up), the most strenuous activity is likely to be getting a massage, or maybe walking to the local coffee shop.

Have a guess how much I'm looking forward to that? And for those of you who don't consider me capable of staying in bed for a whole weekend, there may well be photographic proof. Nyah.
Tags: games (getting ass kicked), omg parenting!, wot i ate
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