tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

So how come it's not raining puppy dogs yet?

This is the bit where I sit in the corner and face the wall for a while, as I take ownership of my amazing moronity.

Last night there was Geek Rescue for my sound problems. Only there wasn't that much geekery. Mostly it was "Hey you plugged this bit in here when it should go in there", and "That switch actually turns the sub off" (i thought it turned it on) - but the best bit by far was when I realised that I had set my pooter to 'mute' and that's why it wasnt' putting out any sound.


However, we (uh.. ferrouswheel) managed to get my sound card outputting on all three plugs, so all of the speakers are running and I'm in my Happy Music Place. We played a variety of cheesy music to celebrate! Yes, there was some Abba.

Is something I learned about when I was doing the youth course. The idea is that you think about what comes out of your mouth and phrase everything as positively as possible. So if someone asks you how you are, instead of saying "Not bad" (double negative), you say "Awesome!". Or instead of saying to someone "Don't forget" (don't is negative), you say "Please remember."

The thinking behind the last one is that people (especially kids) only register the main word in the sentence rather than the qualifiers, so when you say "Don't stick your finger in the plug socket!" they register "Stick. Finger. Plug. Socket." and that's the bit that stays in their mind. Likewise, with "Don't forget", the bit that stays is "Forget."

I have no idea whether any of that is correct in terms of how the brain works, but I did notice that thinking about what was coming out of my mouth made me very aware of how negative my speech was generally, and caused me to make an effort to speak in more positive terms. Which in turn caused me to think in more positive terms.

Which was kind of cool. I'm not big on affirmations, looking at myself in the mirror and saying "You're awesome!" - but I do believe the world interacts with you according to how you interact with it, and if changing "Not bad" to "Good" or any other positive term makes a small difference to how I interact with the world, then I'm going to get some kind of benefit from it, which is all good.

It seems my office is moving back into town on or around the 8th of May. I am very much looking forward to this - I noticed yesterday that on my walk from where the meeting was to the train station, I was able to stop and do a couple of errands that are just too much of a pain to do while based in the Hutt, what with having to make a special trip to the shops and whatnot. It'll be good to be able to pop out and do things again.

We had a fire last night. The house warmed up in less than an hour, and was still warm this morning. I will be warm this winter! *SQUEE*
Tags: i has teh dum, sitting round in our undies, words have power
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