tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Exception to Rule 34 - FOUND!

There is no algorithm pr0n on the internet! At least, none that I could find. Please to not be asking why I was looking mmk?

Speaking of Teh Magickal Interwebs, I got the dreaded email this morning saying that we've used 80% of our cap (10G) - this in just under two weeks since we moved in! *gasp* Which is totally fine because I just called up and doubled the allowance - the idea was to get a measure of how much we actually use and take it from there. But gosh. I remember when grist and I had a 5G plan and we never even came close to going over it, even with WoW and the like. These days I upload/download more, and I think individual sites probably eat more bandwidth as well what with the graphics and the whatnots. If we tip over into needing 40G, I will officially rename us Internet Addicts Anonymous. O.o

You know how yesterday I was all "WANNA NEW VACUUM CLEANER!!" ?? Well, the universe, in its inimitable way, decided to provide me with one. Um.. actually that's not quite true. I had one, it worked but was kind of un-sucky, and I was idly lusting after the super-suction of a shiny new one (there is so such a thing as idle lusting!). So last night when I got home I decided to vacuum the house. Turned the cruddy old can on, it lasted 30 seconds then just died. No fanfare, no sparks or explosions, not even a whimper. Just gone.

So today's mission is to get a new one. Sorry Happy, Dysons are out of my price range, much as I'd love to get a pink one to go with your turquoise one and see if they mate.

How sad is it that I'm excited about buying a new vacuum cleaner? Not that sad ackshully. The sad part is that after the old one died, I engaged in displacement activities out in the courtyard with a broom, to satisfy my inner hausfrau.

Hi, I'm Tats and I like to clean. Please don't tell anyone.

Small aside - the Hush episode of Buffy gets better every time I see it. Still a classic after all these years.

Also, I finished reading the thesis about LSD as a technology and the social construction of such. And it seems from that, that the main reasons that LSD was prohibited were twofold - first, Timothy Leary and his pals caused it to become very public, and folks cottoned on to it as a recreational substance, it became somewhat of a fad amongst the white middle class teenagers - which caused the older generation to gasp in horror and go "Won't anybody think of the children, since this time it's OUR children instead of those dirty black/hispanic/oriental children with their reefer and their opium!!" Then there was the bit where the CIA said "We don't want it but you can't have it!" And the bit where the government went "That Leary guy, he's suggesting that folks use LSD and figure out ways of leaving behind social norms for a better life. But we LIKE the social norms! Whatever shall we do? I know, let's BAN IT!"

Meanwhile, someone killed an elephant by giving it 300,000 micrograms of LSD (they still don't know what it actually died of), discovered that spiders spin better webs on it and that carp swim on the surface on it - apparently carp are resistant to most other drugs so this was a Huge! Scientific! Thing! And when given in large doses to pregnant rodents, it causes chromosomal changes in the young - chromosomal changes that, apparently, make no difference whatsoever to the lifespan, abilites or reproduction of said young.

But in combination with the suicide of Art Linkletter's daughter which was linked to LSD in the media (the original "People think they can fly and jump out windows" story), and a bunch of other stuff, mostly about the very public hippies and their strange ways (especially their anti-government strange ways and all that evil sex!), it was enough to get the substance prohibited not only for public use but for research as well - and virtually nothing more has been learned about it since.

Way to go, conservatives!

Anyway, I have a basis for an essay and the next person who wants to read it can have it while I read some other stuff - but I need it back in two weeks mmk?

This week, I'm continuing the theme of things I've never done before. Did you know that Aunty Mena's in Cuba St sells something called 'BBQ Gluten'? I had some. It was tasty. I can safely say that my Yorkshire breeding is doing me proud in the I Can Eat Anything stakes - bbq gluten is no match for me!

There are other things. Level of intensity - 11. Nuff said.

See you at Fidels! ;-)
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