tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

And in good news..

I wrote three count em three unit standards today! This after a break of five months in which I've been database monkey, project manager and various other "Hey Wendy Can Probably Do That" kinds of jobs. I'm a bit rusty but yay for doing the job I'm actually employed for, that I enjoy and am good at.

And the government has decided that since it's a new financial year soon, they should increase my YOUBREDGOODONYOU tax credit by $190 a fortnight. It now pretty much covers the extra rent I pay for Tommy's room. Which means that even if Tommy's Dad fails on the financial help, we won't be living on baked beans. I won't be as well off as I was, but it won't be a painful struggle either. And if Tommy's Dad comes through, I'll be able to put some of that away for Tommy's education/future - something I've wanted to do since he was little but have been unable to because of crippling Child Support payments!

*is happy*
Tags: thank you universe
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