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Tasty tasty brains!

So Knowledge, Power and Understanding is about the theories and processes of the social construction of 'knowledge' (common knowledge, officially sanctioned knowledge, etc).


Better still, it seems the lecturer is trying to give us some lernins in 'realworld' academic stuff. Instead of writing screeds of essays, we have to choose a topic, present it to the class, get our research peer reviewed, then resubmit our final draft taking into account (or not) the feedback. There's also an exam. But! I get to choose my own topic.

Let me say that again. I get to choose my own topic. It goes like this:

"Present your research on the social construction of knowledge about ......"

No prizes for guessing what my broad topic is likely to be. I am restricted a little in that I have to look at the construction of knowledge in a particular time and place of my choosing but other than that I have so many options:

The Opium Wars
Leadup to Prohibition
LSD and the 60s counterculture
Advent/banning of MDMA
Same for BZP
Reefer Madness

I could go on and on and on.... *sighs happily* Finally. FINALLY I get to chase my passion.

Yes, yes I know, I need to learn about the social construction of knowledge before I go into full steam ahead mode, and I also know that as I learn more, a topic will present itself (I'm currently leaning towards LSD or MDMA because they are more modern and also because the 'knowledge' surrounding them and the way it came about can be fairly easily used to demonstrate understanding of the 'construction' part of accepted knowledge - i think, based on my limited understanding of this stuff as yet).

Last night in my enthusiasm I leaped up to grab a topical book from my shelf - and realised the shelf wasn't there and my books are all in the bottom of a box at the bottom of a pile of other boxes.

*is stymied*

This is probably a good thing, which will prevent me going off half-cocked. So instead, I read The Stranger, which was written by a bloke who uses far too many big words for his own good, but presents an argument for the stranger as the ideal social observer. But then ferrouswheel turned up and made my brain do backflips..

Artificial intelligence is, in some ways, about consciousness. It's a form of brain - albeit a very different one from that of a human. And the attempt to create an intelligence that is capable of self-learning using memory and experience - from a machine - causes a lot of thought about how experience is stored as memory and retrieved, decisions weighted, how a new experience can be related to existing experience and/or changes the knowledge that is then used to make more decisions and facilitate more learning etc.. in other words, a lot of thought about how brains work - or more accurately, how consciousness works.

I love that stuff. I know almost zero about coding, and logic hurts my head, but questions around this sort of thing stretch my brain in a nice way. And every time I have a conversation with ferrouswheel, I find my mind expanding, and making connections between the work he's doing and the things I've been learning, admittedly more in concepts than in application, but still, it's exciting to be able to have a conversation in an area that I know little about, yet still be able to feel I'm holding up my end and also to learn a completely new way of looking at things.

Can I say again - NOM.NOM.NOM.

Also, <3 to ferrouswheel. You make my brain happy.

Tonight's mission is to empty and clean dining room, bathroom, laundry and kitchen, including the stove. I think I can get away with not cooking for the next three days - or only using the stove top. That will leave only Claudio's room, Tommy's room, and the hallway to be done on moving day.

This is the first time I've moved in an organised way, instead of packing up everything in 2 days and coming back to spend a day cleaning after. I think I like it..

Also, my dog ran off looking for Tash this morning. That's the second time. Not.Rapt. I don't want to make her life more dull, but I don't want a splatted dog either. ;-/

[EDIT] Does anyone have a chillybin I could borrow for the weekend? I need to empty and defrost my freezer on Saturday, but I won't have the new one till Sunday! *meep*
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