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A Thing, and some other things.

Attention all those who'd like to run around in the bushes playing games, or anyone who'd like to see Dr Science all covered in splats of paint!

thomasdequinc wants to go paintballing. He's organising a group to go do it, because him and me standing there point blank shooting at each other, while satisfying, would be less than optimal in terms of hi jinks. So, if you're interested, go have a look at his blog!

I slept in again this morning, and finally realised why. I haven't suddenly got lazy and tired in the last couple of weeks. *phew* Instead, the dawn has turned the corner to the point where it's now before sunrise when my alarm goes off. My body clock's accustomed to waking up with the sunrise, so it's having a rebellion against this getting up in the dark business. And I don't blame it. But can it please stop with the making me feel as though I've been up all night partying when I actually haven't? That kind of feeling should be deserved. *nod*

Also, can someone buy me a 'dawn' alarm clock for my birthday? Cheers.

Tomorrow we have a meeting. Whoah, news! The person who flounced from last week's one is supposed to be there. It'll be interesting to observe the dynamic, I think, especially since I've been given mandate to Just Do My Job, and not wear other people's unrelated agendas. *sigh* I hate power-plays when I have something to achieve - I'd rather just get on with it.

It was noticeable at spinning last night that I haven't practiced with my hoops since Kiwiburn. I broke off another marshmallow too - time for a fundamental rethink I think - I'm sick of fixing the damn thing. I'm thinking thin wire rope or stiff springs. I'm liking the spring idea but not sure how stiff they'll be. They need to support the marshmallows which weigh maybe 100g when soaked, moving at speed.

Also, I need to learn some new tricks. I'm bored with my repertoire. Back to YouTube I guess.. when will hooping take off in NZ enough so that there's a pool of people for me to learn from?
Tags: hooping, weird things that affect my sleep, work
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