tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Two things

1. The first (actually 4th but the first that wasn't totally underground) Kiwiburn, my photos covered everything that happened at the festival, and there were 120 people. Last year, my photos covered most of what happened and there were 180 people. This year, we have 250 ticket stubs and looking around various places where people have posted, my photos only cover a tiny fraction of what happened. It's both exciting and a little scary watching this thing we made turn into something with a life of its own.

2. If I'm non-responsive today, it's not because I've been abducted by aliens for research purposes. I've been abducted by quantity surveyors for meeting purposes. All day. I'll try not to hurt them mmk?

Actually, three things:

3. Happy Birthday rivet! You are awesome and your life is on the up and up. May it continue this way. *smooch*
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