tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Well, are you?

Today I am basking in the joy of discovery. Some things just keep on getting better. I'm in a daze, but it's a good daze.

So now seems like a good time for my occasional check-in - are you enjoying yourself?

I wasn't really. As I recall I was in the middle of getting regularly prodded in the girly bits by relative strangers, taking pills that made my mouth taste like I'd been giving head to an android made of copper, and coping with a lot of things being up in the air along with the aftermath of a miserable winter.

My how things change. I saw the end of the cycle coming, and said "Bring it on!" And it did. It brought everything on, all at once. And you know what? Despite my occasional hormone-related OMGWTFing, I thrive on it. I feel alive - and the more alive I feel, the more everything I can/want to do.

So yeah. I'm enjoying myself. I'm enjoying myself a lot. And having an excuse to break into random dancing is just the icing on the cake.

So, how about you? What's changed since last time I checked in?

In other news, I found out yesterday that John Bartlett, who I dreamed about before Tommy arrived in the context of his role as one of my mentors, and who I have enormous respect for, not only for his skill and knowledge but for his exploring mind, amiable good humour and sense of fun, was in a quad bike accident last November. He's the manager of Te Mai Station and, well, I know that country. It's worthy of respect, and it seems it got him.

This isn't Te Mai, it's the farm next door (Te Mai Iti), which I worked on as well - but it shows the type of country he would have been on.

His back was injured quite badly and he was helicoptered to hospital. I can't find any updates on how he is now. ;-/ I think it's time to initiate contact.

When I dream about someone, they enter my mind. Then when I blog about it, they stay there. Then when I get anonymous comments on those posts that bring my mind back to them and indicate they may actually have read what I wrote, I see it as a message. Correlation/causation/pattern recognition arguments be damned, he's on my mind, he's been a huge influence on my life and he's injured. And that's good enough reason for me to find out why, after 7 years of no contact, John Bartlett has popped up on my horizon again.

This weekend will be about sorting KB stuff, finishing projects, getting train and bus tickets for school on Monday (OMGWTF), buying stationery (did you know they still use the old fx81 calculators? wow), and possibly dagging some sheep. But before that there will be Fidels (at which my Mum will be present for a while if you'd like to catch up), and some socialising. I didn't bring my fire hoop in but I have the psihoop and the fluoro fans and Tommy, I threw in your devil sticks too. Because occasionally I get this parent thing right. ;-)

And there ought to be some relaxing in there too. Unless I can pay someone to do it for me?
Tags: are you enjoying yourself?
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