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I have been asked to tag my posts

I have Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney stuck in my head. Badgers Badgers is not shifting it. Heeeelp meeeeeee!


I also have Kiwiburn excitement, since last night I realised that I'd added a mysterious week to my mental calendar and it's actually NEXT WEEK! *squee* this means I get me some wildilocks and this year she's in fine fettle instead of being sick! And all the other people I only see at KB! And all the stuff that happens there that's absolutely unpredictable! And THIS year, there'll be good coffee as well. And and AND, we've learned a thing or two from last year's experience and lined it up so that there is a roster of go-to people which essentially means that Dr Windy is OFF DUTY as of Friday morning! And exclamation marks are the new black!

Note to self, tell client that when I said I could dag her sheep next weekend, I actually meant this weekend, or the other weekend that's after Kiwiburn.. doh.

The Descartes Society. It exists! Because it thinks! *cough*

Actually, the Descartes Society is the place where all those words go, that you've only ever read so you make a guess at the pronunciation, only to discover later that everyone else knows how it's pronounced and you've been doing it wrong for years. For me, it started with Descartes. DESS-CAR-TEES. Who is this strange DAY-CART chap anyway, and why does anyone care about him?

Another one for me is 'expletive.' To me, it's EXpletive. Not exPLEtive. Now, I was about to say "Hey, I've been saying it wrong all these years", but a quick look at Dictionary.com tells me that actually, I'm right and the rest of the world is wrong.

*chalks that one up*

Other ones - lambast. I have always said LAM-BASST. Apparently, it's LAM-BAYST. Who knew?

And one that irritates me is the word 'duel' being pronounced as DOOL. I think it probably irritates me because it's an example of a word that's taken on the American pronunciation due to media saturation of cartoons aimed at kids. I'm not sure why this bothers me but I suspect it's a David and Goliath thing - our culture is small, and having a larger and domineering culture be able to alter our pronunciation of words purely by virtue of being bigger and therefore producing more media than we do, just irks me for some reason. Grr.


Anyway, what's your favourite mispronunciation?

Also today's game du jour - things to do in a gigantic hotel bed that is far too big to waste by just sleeping. No, not the obvious ones - they're too obvious. So far we have come up with one-on-one basketball, and that egg throwing game where you take a step back every time you catch it. Any advances?

Can you tell I don't have any essays to write at the moment?
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