tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

In my spam this morning

"Vibrator, meet power drill!"



And it's my good ear. This happens about every 6 months or so due to scar tissue in the ear canals from lots of ear infections as a kid. It's been like that for three days and tonight I'll get it sorted. At the moment, all external noise is muted, but my internal noise is amplified. My body is NOISY!

I won't inflict a description of my internal noises on you, it's ok...

And when I'm driving up the hill to my house, usually my ears pop just as I get to the driveway. At the moment, it's 'Go up the hill, can't hear. Go down the hill, can hear.' It's very strange. Even stranger is when the blockage gets cleared and I can hear my clothes moving..

Last night I spent most of the evening researching another adventure. I'm not giving details of this one, suffice to say that I'm getting that "OMG new adventures!" feeling of excitement in my stomach. I may be addicted to that feeling. Luckily I'm easily amused so I can get that feeling from some pretty unexciting-seeming things.

And and and, HEE! I made it into the TSDO trailer! I'm discovering a liking for dancing in public. I mean, public public as opposed to the somewhat sequestered herdspace of a dance party. Not that I'll ever forego dance parties in favour of jigging around in Cuba Mall by myself (what do you think I am, weird?), but my inner exhibitionist gets a lot of satisfaction from public-space silliness. O.o

Tommy is staying with his Grandma till Friday. Tonight I have to go and buy plastic for Journey Past The Centre of the Earth, some baking soda and a syringe, and possibly scope out some cardboard boxes for the move. See Tommy? The exciting stuff I get up to when you're not around!

Last night I dreamed that every time I said "Tommy" a stern voice said loudly "It's Thomas! Or Tom! Get it right!" O.o

Also, Utah Saints are dance-in-your-chair love. But you knew this.
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