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Lessons for Tats - chill the f**k out

So the landlord never showed up. By 10:30 I'd already decided that he gets none of my time, since he'd stepped over the line between annoying lack of consideration and downright rudeness - so it's probably a good thing he didn't show because I might just have chewed his ear.

Instead I had another visitor - a welcome and happy-making one, whose ear is eminently more pleasantly chewable... O.o

Yesterday I decided to take care of the small things and let the big things take care of themselves. Need to move house? Meh. Don't think about that, just work on some KB stuff. No Child Support? Meh. Just apply for some piddly allowance and be frugal. Etc.

So when I got home, Charlotte came and had a chat with me about her plans - the upshot of which is that she's had to put them back a couple of weeks, and won't be moving for 5 weeks now, instead of 3.

(picture me doing the internal dance of happyhappy)

We have a date! The weekend of the 7th and 8th of March, I'll be leaving the Hacienda for good. I gave the landlord notice in writing this morning. I haven't had confirmation yet that the new house will be ready by then, but it does allow the 4 weeks they asked for, so *crosses fingers*

The other thing Charlotte and I talked about is the weird energy of that place. I know some people pooh-pooh the idea, but it seems to me that there's something about it that just.. isn't quite right. It's a beautiful location with an awesome view, great community, lots of sun - and nobody I know of has ever really been happy there. In fact, in my observations of the last year, most people who've lived there have experienced a deterioration in their general happiness levels. And going back to before we moved in, I know of 2 or 3 other cases where people have moved in there and then things have gradually turned to custard for them...

*cue jack palance to say something SPOOOKY here*

So, while I'll miss the view and the country-ness/privacy of it, and probably also my Extremely Large Bedroom, I won't miss the vibe of the place at all. And I won't miss dealing with the landlord either, not nohow.

Today's mission - get my head around bus and train timetables for the getting of teenagers to class on time. Also - spin some fire, and take Tommy to his Grandma's - I think she wants to reassure herself that he's actually here, and also being at home while I'm at work is dead boring for him, and my first attempt at arranging things for kid-level hanging out failed. Hey, I'm new at this, give me a chance..

Finally, charming company while sipping coffee in bed in the morning is one of life's little satisfactions that brings one of life's great pleasures, if you know what I mean. Sometimes it's the small stuff.

and also, sometimes the big stuff is not suitable for lj ;-P

So, what's your favourite ungulate?
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