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Things Wot I Have Dun Today

To simplify my life and smoothen out the edgy bits a bit:

Applied for a tax credit that they give working folks with kids. OMG I feel dirty.

Applied for Child Support. My own payments haven't ceased yet due to inability to contact the other parent (I was kind of expecting this), and given that I'm not expecting any hoops to be jumped through on the other end to get them ceased, IRD takes 10 working days to process stuff based on what I've told them. This means that my next two pays will have large chunks of potential-tommy-rent money missing from them. *meep* But at least the wheels are in motion to get it sorted. Meanwhile, I'm going to be eating baked beans at Kiwiburn.

Sent in my claim for study expenses to work.

Talked with my manager about all this stuff in relation to moving house and working in town asap - she is Teh Orsome and is bending over backwards to make it easier for me.

Tonight my landlord is coming to stay the night. This is the third time he's called to arrange this, and might possibly be the first time he actually shows up. I'm thinking he expects to have long conversations that sort stuff out. I am trying to do right by everyone, but it's really hard to give people concrete dates on things when nobody actually has any concrete dates yet. So, um, winging it? Not looking forward to this, but it'll be good for it to be over.

So, a bit of a mixed bag. But, I'm doing stuff. Each little bit of stuff I do is something off the list, and a step towards this big tangle of Urk being sorted into something I can sit peacefully with.
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