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The world's slowest shearer!

For those who might be interested. You have to promise not to laugh.. this was the last sheep of the day.

It would seem I did that one in ~3 minutes, which would put me on 120 for an 8 hour day. And that one wasn't that easy a going either, I was doing others much faster - and if I'm honest, some of the bigger ones, much slower too.

It's interesting watching yourself do something on video. I can see from this that I do far too much 'chipping' - that is, little short blows as opposed to long smooth ones. This is partly because the sheep was a bit of a chipper, with dense wool tight on the skin, and partly because my gear is a bit pointy and I was trying to avoid digging the comb into her. But that's not really an excuse since I do up my own gear, it's my own silly fault I haven't rounded off the tips on the comb. *goes to find emery paper* It's also partly just a bad habit that I should work on now I know I do it.

However, overall my technique seems not too bad and I'm not too ashamed to put it up on YouTube.

Also, under all that wool the sheep weren't nearly as big as I'd made them out to be in my head. They were Perendales, much smaller than English Leicesters and weighing about the same as me. So an easier day than expected, and I earned enough to pay for half of thomasdequinc's new computer.

And now I'm gonna go nurse my bruises and take advantage of the sudden influx of vibrating massagers. And sleep. Because my body's going "Oi, you! Abuse alert!"
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