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Things and Stuff

Meeting of Doom Number One today - in which I've been sent specifically to inform The Group that they can't have what they want (in the nicest possible way). Kind of winging it on exactly how to do that, and I hope they don't yell at me. On the upside, the coffee at that place is really good - and maybe if I'm bouncing around on the ceiling during the meeting I will be harder to hit with flying paper clips and pens...

It happens. Fluid retention is a bitch. My thighs rub together, when normally they don't, and it feels really weird.

I know that being one of the skinny girls makes me socially not entitled to talk about feeling fat, but you know what? Fuck that shit. It's all relative, and something like a part of your body growing overnight to the point where you notice it when normally you wouldn't, is guaranteed to make you focus on it. And yeah, I also know it's not something anyone else would notice, but I sure as hell do.

On the upside, today I have boobs! I'm celebrating them while I have them. ;-D

So, Tommy arrived safely, with a surprise of help-money from his father in his pocket. I'm asking myself if someone's done a brain transplant. I'm also not arguing with it, but taking it as a blessing and saying "Thank you!"

Now we just have to sort out the things that are up in the air to get settled and feel normal. Which will hopefully be done in the next three weeks. Meanwhile, Tommy is good company and keen to get into living in Wellington and actually Doing Stuff. Yay!

So, letting things happen as they happen and not stressing about the details or control is the mantra for today..

keptinacan, will there be sprog racing at Fidels tonight?
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