tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Small manageable chunks

- The Kid arrives today at 2:05pm. I am beyond trepidation and into excitement... I think.

- We have a house to look at on Saturday. It's only one, but it's a start.

- There will be public transport adventures for the benefit of those who've always been picked up at the gate and taken directly to school.

- Thinking about dinner at breakfast time could prove to be a hurdle.

- Sheep shearing moved back to Sunday to allow for househunting on Saturday.

- At some point there will be final KB sewing and doing of arty type stuff (richdrich, I have the extension cable now).

- Exam timetable doesn't come out till 2 weeks before exam. WTF Victoria? And why the extortionist fee to sit outside the time if your lack of planning means I have a schedule clash with work?

- Must call landlord and give notice on house. Also - scope out dumpsters for if I'm not rehomed before lease ends.

- Buy school stationery stuff. There is a List. It helps a lot to have one.

- Meeting Season starts tomorrow. 3+ meetings a week for the forseeable future. Brushing up on communication skills is timely.

- <3 (i like that particular chunk. i like it lots. as evidenced by repeated squeeing)

- Dance a lot. I have been Slack.

(gosh, that all looks like one of those butt-ugly twitter feed updates, doesn't it? sorry)

Also, I am Teh Sneaky. Just saying.
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