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Picture yourself in an exotic location, everything is beautiful....

Today, I decided to wear my off-white linen dress. It's nice. And linen. And off-white. Which means, of course, that I forgot where my mouth was while sipping my first work coffee of the day. Now I'm covered in sponge-marks.. linen goes seethrough when wet. Who knew?

Also, apparently Wellington's internet has been stolen. Whoever has it, please be giving it back, mmk?

So I'm looking for a place to live. Ideally, this place would be sunny, have covered parking (because my car leaks), be on a bus route, be insulated, fenced and handy to town.

Realistically, 99% of advertised properties say "NO PETS" - and some say "CATS OK, NO DOGS!!" Because dogs have a reputation for eating skirting boards, barking all day, terrorising postmen and getting run over spectacularly in front of the neighbours' children.

First in: I'm not sure I even know how to bark. I slime up to postmen and skeeze them into rubbing my belly. I don't go in the house and my taste is for bones not boards. PS I believe in evolution and since I've made it to 11 years old, I'm not about to get run over any time soon, even for the benefit of others. I'm adorable. And I listen. Also, I'm trying to get famous on the internet.

Tats back in: So yesterday I sent a cheeky email to a bunch of properties that have been advertised, spelling out the difference between First and a 50kg pitbull puppy, and explaining the many advantages of having me as a tenant. Today, I'll be making phone calls to folks that have numbers and doing the same thing.

Wish me luck.

So, why the sudden urgency? Well, I wasn't planning on starting to look for a place till after Kiwiburn - with Tommy arriving, KB sorting to do, exams coming up, school starting (*MEEEEEP*) and a variety of other things going on, I just felt it'd make sense to get some stuff off my plate before adding more. But then, enter Inconsistent Landlord.

Two months ago he listed the house with a real estate agent, which for us involved arranging viewings, open homes, dealing with enquiries, and me having to convince said landlord that booting us out so he could sell it on two weeks' notice was probably a bad plan. It also involved me, as the leaseholder, buffering my flatmates from most of the hassle.

Two weeks ago he rang and said "I'm thinking of moving overseas for two years, would you like a long term lease at a rent that's increased by $150 a week?" At which point I felt it was the right thing to do to let him know that I was going to start looking for a place in February. And again with the convincing him not to boot us all out so he can rent it out at two weeks' notice.

This weekend he rang again and said "I'm leaving for the Solomon Islands on Thursday, putting the house under property management and since you said you were thinking of moving, I'd like to advertise it and give you six weeks' notice." Again with the convincing that booting us all out just because I'm thinking of moving is a bad idea. So he's advertised the place, but has to negotiate a takeover date with me if anyone shows interest.

The next day, Charlotte announced that she's decided to move to Matamata in three weeks - which essentially puts me in a position where if I don't move when she does, I can't afford the rent (bearing in mind that I'm now paying for two people).

So I have to find somewhere to live before Charlotte moves. Yes, that's the weekend after Kiwiburn.


However, something will come through. It always does. Meanwhile, I'm feeling a little twitchy - so much is up in the air right now and I feel a bit.. ungrounded?

Oh yeah - add "Isn't on the market" to things I'd like in my new place.

So yeah, things move fast in the TatsVerse. Sometimes too fast for my brain to keep up with. Luckily for me, my autopilot is quite efficient and a lot of this stuff will just happen, I'll do it, make it work, and maybe collapse in a heap afterwards. Or maybe I'll sail through it and end up in a much better situation than the one I'm in now. It does kind of seem as though the Horokiwi Hacienda, while a great place to actually be, has an attached level of hassle and not-happy-making vibe that I can do without.

So, I'm looking forward to finding a place and moving, and to what the future brings.

Please remind me I said that when I start to stress about it, OK?

In other news, I started to learn how to do massage properly on Monday. I'm excited about this - I like giving and getting massage but I've never been sure that what I'm doing is good. At least now (especially with practice) I'll be able to approach it with some confidence. *beam*

[EDIT] My work is currently looking for people to start in late April - a Customer Contact Centre Team Leader, a Customer Services Representative, and a School Coordinator. If you're interested, let me know and I'll send details.
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