tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Calling all Wellington burners!

If you're travelling to Kiwiburn and may have room in your vehicle for a passenger, please go and check out this thread. There are more people looking for rides this year and I know you don't all check the forums regularly - but in the interest of reducing our collective carbon emissions and helping other folks come hang out with us, please, if you can, offer someone a ride?

In other news.. *huge smile*

In other other news, Charlotte's windfall has come through and she's announced that she's moving to Matamata in three weeks. Combine this with my landlord changing his mind every 5 minutes about what he's doing but being consistent about wanting to increase the rent, and it's time to move. So, if you know of a 3brm house that's bus route friendly, in town-ish and reasonable rent, and importantly, ok with a cat and an outside, quiet, no-criminal-record elderly dog, please let me know. It's becoming urgent and somewhat meepish.
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