tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Last night

I got to play with fire fans! There is only one word to describe this:


There were some fire spinners from Tahoe there and they were very very good - they're professional performers and they did a series of routines for us as we all sat there agog going "Whoah l33t skillz0rs!" etc..

They were amazing. Truly. The things they could do with poi, staffs and fans were just incredible. Yet.. because they were doing choreographed routines, it lost the aspect of dance, freeflow and abandon that I think makes fire so compelling. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful, skilled, well-balanced.. everything a good performance should be. And as I say, my eyes were popping out. But it wasn't tribal. And it wasn't spontaneous. And it wasn't visceral. It was polished, and staged, and IMO too choreographed.

What it has done though, is made us realise that we ought to get our collective shit together, stop jamming constantly and maybe dedicate some time on Tuesdays to practicing making some of our moves together.

It's hard to do this with a hoop because you can't get close to people, but there are things that you can do in passing that connects you to the other dancers, and I think that's a good place to start working on making our spinning more cohesive. After all, we get paid for this (at least sometimes) so maybe we should look at making a couple of performance pieces for such occasions...

Anyway, it was great to hang out with other spinners, learn new stuff and goof around, talk burner stuff, dance to djembe instead of amplified music, and stay up Far Too Late doing something I love. And also get hot and wet at the same time.

Fan bonus - you can do it in the rain! Hoops, not so much....
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