tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Hi, I'm Tats and I'm a pushover

Him: "I know my sheep weigh around 100kg each but if I drag them out will you shear them?"

Me: *thinks: spainspainspainspainspainspainspain* "OK, next weekend."

(next weekend means i have time to spend the week growing them to 200kg in my head)

Also - got confirmation of Tommy's high school enrolment, along with a list of 'donations' that the school requires. They add up to $450 - which let's face it, is a whole lot less than Vic is charging me per semester. So I feel totally unjustified in bursting into tears over another unexpected expense.

This time, when I move house, I'll be calling in favours from all the people I've helped move in the last 5 years, mmk? Because I won't be able to afford the burly men (at least not the burly men that expect to be paid in money).

The weather is building up to something, I think. Hmm..
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