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I left it in someone else's other pants!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I get my poor impulse control from my Mum*.

She has bought a recorder and is learning to play it. Apparently she can read music to a degree and play one tune, but in order to do the course she wants to do, she has to be able to play to grade 1. Now, neither of us know what grade 1 actually is, but I'm pretty sure someone who reads this will know. If you do, can you enlighten us please?

Is a lot of fun. As you probably already know. But having someone else in your pants and then while they're in your pants they try to get into your pants... it could become really confusing really fast. Especially if they're successful. O.o

So who's wearing the pants?

I am. Or I was. But this doesn't necessarily mean that I own the pants. Or wash them. They are good to dance in though, and those are the best kind of pants to get into.

(this wee interlude brought to you by endorphins, lack of sleep and a bucket of coffee. and pants. someone else's)

So anyway, last night's stealth mission was successful. Although blatant mission might be a better way to describe it. Partners in crime make everything better!

Also - please Mum can I?. In fact, does someone want to sponsor me to travel around the world having adventures and making videos? I could call it 'Vicarious Tours for the Timid' and my workmate (who thinks I'm crazy, especially after seeing the video of last night's silliness) could watch it from the relative comfort and safety of her armchair...

*fantasises about exotic locations etc....* ;-)

Also, after sleeping in this morning and having to speedshower and Not Have Coffee until arrival at work, I want one of these. Thanks headhouse for turning up randomly and giving me the recommendation.. although I could see things getting broken as Morning-State Tats chases it round the room. Hmm..

I am still full of happy. I am hoping it rubs off on everyone else. Most.Awesome.Feeling.Ever.

*Combine this with the adventurousness I got from Dad and the 'take opportunities' attitude that came from both of them and you have a recipe for your entire life being 'interesting times' - and I wouldn't have it any other way....

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