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Never underestimate the power of the mixtape!

Seriously - don't. ;-D On a shallow level the mixtape is cute and funny and a new sound experience. On a deeper level it's an insight into someone's mind when they're thinking about you. And that has Power. Mostly the power to make me go *squee* and *aaawwwww* and YAY! And possibly some more substantial things.. *cough*

Referencing. I understand the need for it. I'm quite happy to use in-text references in my essays, and have no problem with providing details of where I found the information so someone else can go have a look if they want. No problem at all.

But why oh ... OMG BASSLINE!

Uh.. why does every freaking course demand a different referencing style? What the hell difference does it make if I put a comma in the in-text refs or not? And whether there are two spaces or one after a colon? Or whether the author's initial has a dot after it or not? Surely it's the information that counts, and being consistent?

So far I've done three courses, and all three of them have used different referencing styles. Same information, in essentially the same order, but with different rules about spaces, dots and commas.

Dear Victoria, Please get your shit together and decide on a referencing style and apply that over all your courses, kthxbye.

What? We need to learn all of them? Why? Surely by the time I'm working on my PhD I'll have proved I have the gumption to go find a new one if the one you taught me isn't appropriate? All it's doing now is making referencing take twice as long as I read through screeds of .pdfs telling me exactly how I should arrange my full stops. And it frustrates the hell out of me.

Yeah yeah, discipline, whatever. Surely writing academic essays on topics that hold no interest, within word limits that are crazy small and allow no depth, is evidence of discipline.


Last night I took a video of myself dancing like an idiot and put it on the internet. I plan to do more of this. Who says you have to go to Turkmenistan to have a fun adventure?

[EDIT] Although my crazy dance adventure doesn't have Akhal-Tekes and Turkmenistan does....

I like waking up a lot more these days. <3
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