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Um, so what is the brute force method anyway?

Kiwiburn ticket - bought! Previous years I've bought my ticket the day they were released, but this year I was waiting for the price to go into the top tier. Bruce, who has a knack for saying things that make me go "Oh yeah", made me realise that the cheap tickets are supposed to be for people who have genuine need to save a few dollars, and for people like me who can afford to pay extra, I'm actually doing the festival more of a favour to wait. Also, I feel that using my inside knowledge of when the tickets go online to save myself a few dollars is taking unfair advantage.

I'm not sure I'd do the same for Burning Man, in which the pricing scale is in the hundreds of (kiwi) dollars' change, but with Kiwiburn, it's a few dollars for me but a big deal in terms of infrastructure or art grants for the festival.

[/noble and a little wanky]

1. Phoned the school to request confirmation of his enrolment and a copy of The Idiot's Guide to Sending Your Kid To High School. Apparently the first thing in The Guide is the bit that says "We're closed till the 21st of January, tough luck getting any more info before then." Luckily, I am resourceful and they have a website which may tell me useful stuff like where he's supposed to go when he gets there on his first day.

2. Phoned IRD to find out about stopping Child Support payments. Seems Tommy's Dad has to phone them the day he leaves to inform them that Tommy's left his care. I'm not holding my breath for this to happen, however they have a backup plan involving forms and faxes that works almost as quickly. Interestingly, the amount I'm paying adds up to ~$30 a week more than what it'll cost me to cover Tommy's basic living expenses when he's with me. Given that I'm also not holding my breath to actually get any financial help from Tommy's father, this relieves me somewhat - I'm not going to go broke, and there won't be any overlap where I'm paying Child Support and also supporting Tommy while he's living with me.

3. Tonight I'll make the fateful phone call to organise practicalities and logistics of The Move. *meep* I'm not sure what I'm meeping about, it's only a plane ticket and a courier. Not that big a deal, but *meep* anyway. I'm hoping to arrange for him to be here for about a week before school starts, to let him settle in but not make him spend too much of his last bit of holiday entertaining himself while I work.

4. Realised that I'll have to set Tommy up with his own computer if I don't want to be constantly prying him off mine with a crowbar. grist suggested that I give him mine and get a new one for myself, since the important thing for Tommy is that he can play WoW, meaning slightly better spec than what I can scrounge up from spare parts that are lying around in people's 'might be useful' boxes. Tommy has been informed that it's his birthday and Christmas presents for the next five years and that he's gonna be building manly muscles through lawnmowing, and he's fine with that.

It makes me happy that the things that were eating my brain can be reduced to four things on a list, none of which are insurmountable.

I'm also starting to look for a new place in town. It could take a while, because I have a dog and want sun. 'Town' is loosely defined to mean 'on a bus route', and we're looking for a 3-ish bedroom place for around $420-$450 a week. If you hear of anything, please let me know. First is quiet and not an inside dog, so sometimes landlords are willing to negotiate the pet thing. I'm also in no hurry since my work doesn't relocate back to the city till April, but having some options would be nice.

Add all this to uni, Kiwiburn, falling in love, my responsibility to the sheep (yes, I'm looking after them again which is indulging my pastoral requirements quite nicely), getting excited about Spain and other adventures (what, already? hell yes already!) and a desire to go out dancing, and you have One Very Busy Tats. Also, One Very Happy Tats.

Welcome to my life. Frenetic, juggly, requires some assembly, but never dull.

And my Google Ads are saying I should go to ICanRelaxNow.com. Hee!

Last night I dreamed that my Mum was keeping a tank of vegetables and cats in the back garden. It was a fish tank, including water. The cats seemed to be enjoying themselves, the vegies not so much. Cats holding their breath with their little cheeks all puffed out are funny.

Finally, my poor impulse control is likely to make someone happy in the near future. Win! ;-)
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