tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Use the New Year to set the tone for the rest of it

If that's the case then 2009 is going to be a pretty amazing year for me. It may include:
    Specific and powerful manifestation
    Kissing demented elves
    Laughing so hard the world vibrates
    Sleeping in piles of fuzzy blankets
    Having my idealism reinforced by people's honesty
    Finding new ways to overcome my shyness and talk to strangers
    A lot of very good music
    Achieving new things I never thought possible
    Love in all its forms

So yeah, that was fun then. ;-)

In fact, I don't think I will start. So.Much.Stuff. And me suffering from post-adventure comedown while listening to the washing machine and contemplating the pile of things to be put away.

I had an amazing time, surrounded by amazing people. I am awash with love and a little without words. *looks up* See? There are less than 500 up there! So instead, have a picture:

It's Tom Cosm playing the closing set in the early afternoon of Jan 2nd. You can just see him if you squint. He played a stonking set that got all the cracked-out people up and dancing. I hope he recorded it.

Sleeping in a tent surrounded by giant sound systems playing four different kinds of music feels like coming home. Actually coming home feels like a wrench. I'm in a weird headspace - I think most people who spend time immersing themselves in a world outside the default probably know what I'm talking about - resisting the urge to go back, live like that on a permanent basis, go feral. Ok maybe not that last one. I like being clean. But yeah. It might be a couple of days before my head comes back from Canaan Downs. It's nice there.

Many thanks to everyone who came for being The People I Spent New Years 2009 With. From all portents, it's going to be fucking awesome. And especially to you. Yes you. *kiss* Just because. I am intoxicated with happy.

And other than that, what happens on the beanbags stays on the beanbags. ;-)
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