tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I have a sunburn

I managed to stay out of the sun all day, until sheep shearing time. All I shall say about that is that George needs to go on a diet.

But now....

Please note the big shiny things on my ears. Bassgasm! <3

That was a very cool Christmas. In so many ways. I am full of love at the moment and I feel like I'm exuding it to the world. Which is a lot better than some of the things I could exude to the world.

And now, I'm thinking about stuff to pack for Canaan Downs. I have to remember that there are only 2 vans and a car, and we need to take things other than soft fluffy stuff and UV reactive whatnots.

*is just about busting with excitement*

*is just about busting full stop*
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