tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Hi there, can I play with your stethoscope?

Wow. I still smell like Bond Girl. I don't know what they put in that stuff but I'm starting to worry about half-life and radioactivity.. anyone got a geiger counter I can borrow? *meep*

Also, my son is sending me geeky emails in which everything is spelt backwards! This makes me happy. ;-)

And I bought my Christmas/New Years/Kiwiburn supply of glowsticks. And I only have two more presents to procure before the Chrismas shopping is done. I wrapped some last night. Wrapping presents makes me happy too..

And the blockage at work came unblocked yesterday so now I don't look like the Person Who Does Nothing anymore. I feel trepidation about my first solo project, but also happiness that I KNOW I'm good at this stuff, and it's finally moving. Also, that I only have a couple of days' work before HOLIDAAAAAYYY!!!!

Relaxing evening entertainment is also very nice. <3

Updates: I decided against the handpiece purchase - mundens advice was sound - why spend now when it won't be needed till later, and I know they'll reliably be there at a good price when I'm ready?

My head is better about yesterday's dilemma too. There are options. Thank you for your advice people. It really brought home to me how awesome it is to have smart thinking people in my life. *hugs* and my heartfelt thanks to you all..

And Charlotte, having just inherited a freehold house (which made her walk around wide-eyed and stunned for a few days), is entertaining visions of going to see Stephen Hawking, because she's a closet geek too! Meanwhile I am trying to avoid remembering a conversation had at the Kiwiburn work weekend.. la la la ...

Hi, I'm Tats, it's Friday, and my brain is pinging. Tommy and I will be at Fidels tonight to say hi to people and see if pombagira survived Auckland. See you there?
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