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I found another one to add to my list of Tools I Should Own! Check out The Frustrator! Ostensibly it's to stop freshly-weaned calves from sucking each other's ears and willies. The lugs go into the nostrils and the screw bit gets tightened to hold it in place - then the spikes do the job of making the suckee run for the hills! Also, it makes them all look like little bovine punks.

My list of tools for the Box O Scary is coming along. It will now contain a butt gauge, a bastard file, an emasculator, a small tool, and a frustrator. Please feel free to add to the list.

Toe socks! Vis:

I've never worn toe socks before, but the weekend of busy left me scratching around in the back of the sock drawer and I came up with these. I got them at a clothes swap and they were all folded up so I didn't realise or I would have left them. I don't really like the feeling of things between my toes. But surprisingly, I'm getting used to it - I'm only noticing now when I actually think about it. They look weird though..

I tried the "first line of the first 20 songs from your randomised playlist poem" meme. I think it says something about my taste that I had to go through 56 tracks to find 20 with lyrics. Heh. Anyway, for your edification and entertainment, I give you - the love poem that turns into an acid trip half way through:

Got the right to ask a question

It came without warning, a love like I ain't never felt before
When we laugh indoors the blissful tones bounce off the walls
Singing with the dolphins, dancing with the starfishes
Why don't you shut the door and close the curtains

I know there's something coming tonight
Stumbled my way on the darkest afternoon
Show me your light for a while
I'll get by as long as I have you

Any means in your horizon heaven in a tourniquet
Days like this I don't know what to do with myself
Something's on my mind
Show me where to find the mailbox

It's like I'm paranoid looking over my back
Talk to me don't lie to me, save your breath
You all act like you've never seen a white person before
Everybody's here, the puke stinks like beer

In the penny arcade with the china cups the waitress does not love me
I am the new for reasons I can never explain
Well my shoes they come from Singapore
Run away, it's the fashion of today.

Yeah yeah, I know, don't give up your day job... the first verse isn't bad though, right? Right? Also, points if you can guess the artists behind these pearls of wisdom. ;-)

Individual positivism - the Weetbix packet version: Crime is a result of some sort of personal deficiency, which should be treated instead of punished. These deficiencies include things like IQ, monobrows, mesomorphic body type or being in love with one's mother. The Italians in particular got very excited about this. Then they realised that it's really hard to 'treat' a mesomorphic body type, and that the people they'd been measuring were all folks that a) got caught and b) had been labelled as criminals using laws created by those with a vested interest in not criminalising themselves. At which point they went a bit quiet. However, it was because of them that the rehabilitation of criminals is attempted to this day.

I have a test next week. You may be subjected to more lay criminology in the next few days. University isn't very kinaesthetic and I am, so I need to spout this stuff to get it straight in my head. Bear with me.

I am.. amazed at the things I am capable of feeling. Wow.
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