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How to burn your candle at both ends for fun and profit

This weekend is going to go down in history (my history, anyway) as One Out Of The Box. Don't ask me what box or why it's out of it. Just bear with me, my brain's a bit.. not so brainy ackshully.. hee.

Sheep. Polwarths and moorits to be precise. I think around 45 of them, plus two rams.

These are moorits:

They are a chocolatey brown in colour, and that colour goes to the skin, so when they're shorn they look like they've been dipped in Cadbury chocolate. Their wool is lustrous and soft, and shearing them has novelty value because they're such a pretty colour.

Then there were the polwarths:

These things originated from a cross between the saxon merino (small and lightweight and very fine wooled) and the lincoln (big and rangy with long, lustrous coarse wool that looks like dreadlocks). I'm not sure what they were thinking when they made that cross, but what they ended up with is the polwarth - a sheep slightly larger than the merino but with merino type wool and merino type wrinkles, and no horns.

Of particular note is the big dewlap of skin that goes from under the chin to between the front legs. Shearing around this is... interesting. I've never done it before, so before I went I looked up the technique on the internet (yay the internet!). It helped a lot, and only took me two or three sheep to get the hang of it. However, they're hard work. They're quiet and sit there happily while being shorn, which is a relief, but the wool is so fine and dense that the comb rides up out of it so you have to put effort into keeping it on the skin, while trying to avoid taking off long shoelaces of skin from the wrinkly bits. And they never look that flash off the shears because you have to leave a certain amount of wool on the dewlap bit. Vis:

Interesting to note that Ramset the moorit ram was stroppy and it took two of us to hold him down after he'd thrown me across the room a couple of times (rams can grow to in excess of 100kg and once he'd chucked me off once he just kept doing it and there was nothing I could do). It was a somewhat unorthodox approach but Opposable Thumbs trumps Muscly Neck every time. Especially when you have two sets of them. Gus the polwarth ram was quiet and friendly and obliging. The only time he even twitched while being shorn was when I shaved his nuts. Which is a really bad time to be twitching - luckily I'm used to it and all you boys who just crossed your legs can uncross them, he's fine.

So much for the sheep. $200 later it was off home to shower, wig up and head to the work do where they cooked our food in front of us and then threw it at us. I've never participated in food as entertainment before. I definitely will again. Watching slightly drunk people trying to catch raw eggs in little china bowls - well, it made me laugh (shut up, I like slapstick). The fried rice was even funnier. Unfortunately I had to leave before the Flinging Of The Tiramisu because I had the fire gig.

Which was full of mainstream people dressed arabian style (sheets for the boys, minimum diaphanous floaty seethrough thingies for the girls), sitting around and Not Dancing because the DJ hadn't arrived. And didn't for another hour or so, which gave me an opportunity to do some running repairs on my hoop (speaking of which - Happy, do you still have some spare kevlar? What width is it?) and sit around feeling like a freak - until we met the mother of the birthday girl while having a 'safety meeting'.. who proceeded to tell us about her conversations with Queen Victoria, how she preferred her conversations with the Da Vincis, how she's lived hundreds of lives, met Joan of Arc and likes to play with the fairies. After which I didn't feel like quite so much of a freak. ;-)

Anyway, when the DJ arrived he started to play PSYTRANCE! Boo fucking yah. He was really good, too, he played stuff we could spin to and dance to at the same time, so we spun for a couple of hours and the birthday girl had a great time and when I got home I couldn't sleep because I'd had a V and my feet were throbbing and you very nearly got this post at 3am on Sunday morning. *twitchtwitch*

So yeah. Saturday was a big day. I made $250 shearing sheep and spinning fire and that makes me happy - not so much the money as the way I earned it. *beam*

Sunday involved much less physical activity and much more chilling. There was meeting with richdrich to get on the same page about the Interesting Machine (which was a good thing because we had two very different pictures in our heads) and to consume copious amounts of caffeine.

Then off to the Thorndon street fair, to meet up with ferrouswheel (and pombagira randomly too, yay!), and wander around the stalls trying to avoid spending all my money on random shiny crap. I bought a hat and a Christmas present for Tommy and some FLUORO GREEN FANS!

So now I have to learn how to fan dance... la la la. I see fire fans in my future.

And and AND - I finally got to see The Big Lebowski, which I found myself laughing a lot in. 'Twas good entertainment. And there was dinner at the Geek Mansion (vegetarians make tasty tasty food) .. and and and...

There's a boy I like. I never in a million years would have guessed that he likes me back. *blinkblink* So now I feel a bit like I've been hit by a truck, but in a good way. More on that later, maybe.


In other news, there is no other news. That was all of it. Except for the bit where next weekend will seem quiet by comparison. And everyone at my work is strangely subdued - I think maybe that party went for a while after I left, eh?

*is a bit distracted today*
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