tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

You, meme, and everybody

Apparently I am cthulhu spawn. Ph3ar my hentai-chin, mortals! Mwuahaha!


Anyway, looking out over the Pencarrow Hills this morning, I see fluffy little clouds of dismal raininess. This is where my sheep for tomorrow are hanging out. It's hard to tell from here whether the rain's making it to the valley floor, but I hope not. What with the Tommy-coming-family-stuff-christmas-newyearYAYIAMGOINGTOCANAANDOWNSYAYness coming up, this is more or less my last free weekend for spending hours head-down-bum-up sweating over a hot sheep's arse. At least, in any decent quantity. And these are what you might call Hump Sheep.

Once these ones are done, as far as I know there'll only be dribs and drabs left, 9 here, 3 there - which I can do of an evening after work, and not cripple myself for days afterwards, and it'll be all good. So yes, I'd really like to get them done.

Speaking of work, the CEO's approved my coming back to work on the 5th of January, which means I get to keep my carefully stored up leave for later in the year (ie Nowhere - for which I'm told I may have to snaffle myself a pseudohusband so I don't get detained at the border for being a wanton woman who dares to travel without a man).

Apropos of my grinding experience yesterday - I love electric motors. I love how if you wire them backwards, they run backwards. They don't explode, graunch or refuse to go. They just go the wrong way. Luckily for me, grinder-setter-upper man was right there, and fiddled about with his screwdriver, and away we went. Finally, I can go and grind my gear whenever I need to without it being a hassle.

(i like that i own a shearing grinder that weighs nearly as much as i do. it satisfies me in my Must Have Big Grunty Tools place)

And in other news, my personequin seems to have undergone a transformation while left to his own devices in the office overnight:

Something tells me I won't be able to take him home for a while...

Last night there was pizza by ferrouswheel, blueberry sorbet, Shriekback and good conversation. And big white fuzzy blankies and carpets and possibly a bit of me rolling around on the rug going "Ghrlargle". Because, well, you have to. Really. *nod*

Also, apparently I'm not a hunchback. The exercises in Men's Health told me so. Nyah.

I'll be at Fidels for a bit tonight before going home and getting psyched for tomorrow. Tomorrow evening is my work Christmas function followed by a firespinning gig. I'm supposed to dress Arabian themed. Anyone want to suggest how I might do this without risking turning into the Human Torch?

I has a wee happy.
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