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Gots mah psihoop back la la la

So. Anyone here live in a city with a street called Clark St that is very long and ends at the water's edge? Just wondering..

Also, driving a Reliant down flights of stairs with switchback landings is a bad idea. I'm pretty sure when my Dad did it, it was in a Hillman Husky (which, according to his stories, seemed to be powered by ouzo), which had four wheels. Four wheels good, three wheels bad. Words to live by.

I like hugs. I like lots of hugs. Body contact is nice. Have I said anything you didn't already know yet? Good. These days, I'm getting better and better at being in close physical proximity with people. There are still Folks Who I Hug and Folks Who I Don't, but the latter group is getting smaller. I've increased the pool of people I'm ok cuddle puddling with by four in the last month. And because these days I'm surrounded by people I can trust, it's being reinforced that not everyone I have full body contact with is going to start trampling all over my personal boundaries for their own nefarious purposes*. Consequently I get more hugs, give more hugs, and generally live a more affection-filled life, and it's aaaalllll good.

It also means that I've encountered something that I hadn't really noticed before. I'm sure some of the other smaller people who read this will identify too:

Lots of people like to pick me up.

You know when you're greeting someone and you put your arms around them, they put their arms around you, and suddenly your ribs get squeezed *crunch* and your feet are off the ground and it's not an affectionate hug any more but an ordeal of being unable to breathe and waiting till they put you down so you can let go? Do. Not. Want.

I mean, it's ok if one person does it, but it's often the case that in greeting a group of people, I get picked up three or four times, and by then my ribs are starting to hurt and I'm fearing being dropped. I weigh 58kgs, people. It's not super heavy but it's no small bag of spuds either. Having that weight suspended from nothing but my ribcage by someone who grips by squeezing? Well, it's just not that pleasant, you know?

In reality, there's only one way that I'm comfortable being picked up like that, and that's in the *tacklehug* situation where you have a certain amount of momentum and the other person picks you up, spins you around, and puts you down again straight away. Thus:

(i love this photo, everyone in it is happy)

So, um.. not sure how other people feel about this (if it happens to you a lot, please weigh in with an opinion so I can tell if I'm being silly), but for me, I'd really prefer that I kept my feet on the ground in a hug. It's much nicer to squeeze someone at a pressure that feels nice for both than to hang on in a deathgrip for fear of being dropped. So yeah, if you're a picker-upper of small people when hugging, please spare a thought for their ribcage and try doing it without once or twice. You might find you like it better.

(Small aside - I do wonder if some people do it because they're a bit uncomfortable with hugging, and it's kind of like a bravado/bluster thing - it minimises the 'OMG we're touching!' factor by introducing an element of play? Any picker uppers want to fill me in on this?)

* Yeah, when I put it like that, the assumption that people would do that sounds pretty unreasonable, but it's also based in experience. I think I'm better at selecting my people these days than I used to be.

In other news, it's nice to see less facial hair about the place. In my workplace, it's been replaced by tinsel. Ye gods. I like shiny things, but for some reason tinsel just doesn't do it for me. Funny, that. I wonder if it's that pavlovian thing? Tinsel = Christmas, therefore not exciting like dance party LEDs..

Am I jaded?
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