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I am Teh Wordy today

As of last night, the price of petrol is now back down to lower than it was when I returned from Burning Man in '06. I am not complaining, but I am a little confused. I am not an obsessive follower of oil prices, I know the price has been dropping, but at the same time the Kiwi dollar has dropped from .80 on the US dollar to .54. That's a substantial drop, in the same realm (haven't done the maths) as the size of the drop in petrol prices. Now, I thought that exchange rate drop would negate the drop in oil prices. Obviously it hasn't.

So can someone please explain to me in layman's terms why the price of petrol has gone from $2.20 a litre to $1.48 a litre in the last few months?

Watching Firefly last night reminded me of how much I enjoy Joss Whedon's stuff. I know there's been a trend recently to make characters more real, more fallible and more able to be identified with - to give them real dilemmas that actually affect their emotions.. but for some reason Joss Whedon just does it better. I can feel a Buffy kick coming on.

This is my hair this morning. I have an aerial. I am trying to pick up FM, yes. Mostly I think it's because of my repeat blue-and-green haired rastafarian dream, in which I spent the whole night nodding and bobbing, and mussing up my hair.

I make a good blue-and-green haired rastafarian. *nod*

Stretching all over my bed was a delicious way to wake up. I have sunbeams in my room first thing in the morning, and a spanking new queen sized bed with a feather duvet, and rolling around in sunbeams on a shiny large bed, stretching oneself into contortions of exquisite stretchiness for at least a minute, is a brilliant start to the day. I recommend it. And often forget to do it.

Last night I got home and Charlotte was chatting on Facebook. At the moment she's using my computer for internet because on the advice of the various geeks, I haven't hooked her up. This means I have to let her use mine. Those folks who stuck their hands up to help get Charlotte net-able by finding her better parts/whole machine or giving her a supported operating system - how are we going with that? I'd like to get her sorted soon. I love her and all but Facebook on my precious baby? Nooooooooo!

So anyway, I read all of my Criminology readings for next week while I was waiting for her to finish. I actually had to stop myself from going on and reading the whole book. Seriously. This topic actually interests me.

Don't get me wrong, the essay topics are ho-hum - "Compare this theory with that theory" or "Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using police statistics to measure crime" etc. But - meatiness! Even the first chapter - "So how do we define crime anyway folks?" is getting my mind churning. Is crime defined by law? By society? By those in power to further their own agenda?

As you can imagine, these are questions that relate directly to my field of interest for study.

FINALLY! A whole year and $2000 later, I'm studying a topic in which I can flex my interest in drugs policy and legislation. And learn some theories that I can then apply to the stuff I already know about history and politics of recreational drugs.

And I am so excited about it I'm reading textbooks for fun. I can remember that being one of the triggers that got me to enrol in university, when I found myself reading academic texts out of interest. SUCH a nice feeling. Like walking a familiar path after spending a lot of time trying to hack my way through the wilderness of Sociology. Yes, I acknowledge that what I learned in that is useful, but I'm also thankful that I get to leave it behind now. No offence to the sociologists I know - yay for them for being into a very important field of study - but.. I just don't really get it.

Also - why has every field I've studied this year (three of them) claimed to be special in that 'we are multidisciplinary and can't be defined in a simple way, unlike other fields of study.' That's three for three, people. They are all unique and special snowflakes. Please pat them and tell them so.

See? Firefly, blue hair, stretching and being a girly swot - all in one post.

Oh, and Wellingtonista is doing the 'Best of Wellington' awards right now. In the 'dance venue' category they have San Francisco Bath House, Mighty Mighty, Havana, The Watusi, and Sandwiches. Sandwiches will probably win because they are the ones everyone's heard of. But seriously folks, Sammies is a crap venue compared to SFBH. No real air flow, concrete dancefloor full of pillars and drunks. What they have going for them is that they get lots of major acts - and that's about it. In terms of 'places I'd rather dance', SFBH wins hands down. Only reason I don't go there often is that the styles they cover aren't ones I'm interested in. But I'd still vote for them over Sammies because they put effort into improving it to make it nice for the patrons. Sammies don't spend any money on that because they can suck in the drunken cattle with the international acts, so they don't have to make it nice to be there. Needless to say, I don't go to Sammies. They can shove their international acts up their concrete pillars and chase it with some aircon, thanks. I will not support a club that puts no effort into making it a pleasant place to dance.

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