tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

This week should be a national holiday

I have always enjoyed the regular juxtaposition of the Melbourne Cup, Guy Fawkes and the US presidential election. It makes for an exciting week external to anything happening to me personally.

And this year, of course, we get to vote on Saturday too. I wonder if half the US will be refreshing the NZ election returns page?

People came and it was fun! And I made experimental mushrooms for Mum and grist and they were a success despite the weirdness that happened in the pan while they were cooking.

I like hanging out in the lounge having rambling conversations with people about stuff. Thank you everyone who came out, you rock.

Those of you who are disheartened about Proposition 8, so am I. nimblenimbus described it well, in what could be condensed to "50% of the population is by definition stupid, and 5% are extremist christians."

I don't normally like having a go at a particular religious group, but in this case it is the christians that are upset by it, or at least shouting the loudest about it. And it's not just the extremists. A christian I know who is devout but not a raving fundamentalist (in the generally-accepted social sense as opposed to the literal sense, all you pedants out there), agrees with Proposition 8. No, I haven't torn him a new arsehole. I have lived long enough and had enough battles over polarised viewpoints based on moral judgement that I know getting into a dingdong with him over this will only make him refuse to listen to anything else I might say. I'm better off not commenting on his opinion as such, and working towards helping him become more accepting of difference in general.

I did let him know I disagree with the concept though.

And the anti-abortion proposition did not make it through, so that's a good thing.

I quite like the way the US has a kind of referendum while voting for president. You know how in New Zealand if there's a referendum it's a huge deal, costs a lot of money and we normally only vote on the one issue? And how the big-dealness of it is one of the reasons we don't have them very often? Imagine if some of the things that would benefit from referendum were listed on the voting slip? Yes, I know, sometimes they are. But can anyone tell me what else I'll be voting on on Saturday, apart from a party vote and an electoral one?

There may be things, but I'm an average, reasonably well-informed but not avidly political Kiwi, and if there's something I'll be asked my opinion about on Saturday, I don't know what it is, which means there hasn't been enough publicity for it. I think it'd be quite cool to make that a regular part of voting. Got a contentious issue? See what the people think. Imagine the possibilities:

Should Winston be kicked out of parliament, or just humiliated by being made to wear Rodney Hide's canary-yellow jacket everywhere for the next term?

Should the police have tasers, or should we just cut to the chase and give them AK47s?

Should we really convert all the sheep farms to biofuel willow plantations?

Windfarms - should the people who moan about them be made to produce their own power using bicycle powered dynamos, thus tackling the obesity problem as well?

Electoral finance should not be permitted to be used for the purchase of loudhailers with which to harangue innocent people who are just trying to go to work, yes or no?

I'm quite looking forward to the gathering at the geek mansion on Saturday. I think it'll be fun and entertaining and lively. Maybe we can decide some of these issues there? Or someone could come up with some more for our own personal referendum...

Also, First got to play with Zen for the first time in ages. It was funny - they're both grey-faced these days and maybe a little more sedate than 5 years ago, but SOOOOOO cute. Zen looks like a baby seal with his white face and black eyeliner.

Tonight, there shall be gluing! I promise not to eat the paste.

Oh. A thing. Someone said to me that they were annoyed at the way people kept mentioning the fact that Obama is black, because ethnicity shouldn't be an issue at all and the fact that people notice or care is evidence that racism is alive and thriving. My reply was "I wonder what Obama thinks." I'm really not sure if the statement is right, but it sure did make me think.
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