tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Things I have learned this weekend:

While there is absolutely no reason to sit there with a mouth full of pins when my pincushion is RIGHT THERE, I still do it.

It doesn't matter how much I twiddle with it, Dot The Dummy remains stubbornly a different shape from me. My breasts were never that perky. Nuff said.

Spencer Gordon is the new God. He can segue Led Zeppelin into psytrance seamlessly. Seriously.

When I'm in the grip of Gotta Make Stuff Itis, I forget to eat. If you don't hear from me for a couple of days, please text me and tell me to eat.

I enjoy the preparation, the pinning, the figuring out how to make things work, more than I enjoy the sewing.

When I started doing this stuff, all I wanted was clothes. Now it's important to me that all the seams are finished and there are no frayed edges and no chance of them falling apart during a hoop routine, so everything takes twice as long.

The top took most of the weekend - I've never done boning before and was making it up as I went along, plus the pattern I started with looks nothing like this, and only really had a basic shape.

It's not finished by any means. The net skirt is separate from the solid coloured one, and the solid one has three more layers of fluoro to go on it yet.

But it glows! Because, you know, hardly anyone wants to gouge their eyes out when they see me coming anyway...

I deliberately left the frayed edges on the skirt edging because I wanted it to look a bit fuzzy. And yes, I know the dark blue doesn't glow but it's there to match the freaky wig, and it kind of does.

So now I have to decide what to do with the top. It's unbleached calico, and I suspect there may be fabric paint in its future. Any suggestions on what to do gratefully received. I'm thinking a cascade of UV reactive stars down the back, because with an outfit like this, the cheese factor is so off the scale that a few stars won't make it any worse.

Right, now my flatmates are dragging me off to watch a movie. Beanbag + not hunched over a sewing machine = yes please.
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