tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The usual Friday waffle

t_c_da just linked me to this: If the world could vote in the US election, who would be president?

OK, that's the sum total of my commentary on the US election. I'm so political!

In other news, Claudio and I watched Betty Blue - The Director's Cut last night. His comment - "That was a very long movie." The original is a good movie, but realistically adding an extra hour-and-a-half of gratuitous footage that doesn't add to the basic plot of Boy Meets Girl, Girl Goes Insane, Boy Kills Girl - is a bit much. If you're going to watch this, go for the cinema version I reckon. I take my hat off to Beatrice Dalle's acting, and I drool down my chin at Jean-Hugues Anglade, who reminds me of Dave-Who-I-Loved-Once. He does slapstick really well too.

He looks like the man on the ZigZag packet. Vis:

He also delivers talks on topics such as "Imaginative Dimension and Experiential Constructions in Hausa." (hausa being an obscure - at least to me - african language)

He are brainy. And ensures there is always chocolate in the house. And has funky orange pants. And makes Stealth Bread in the middle of the night. These things make me go Yay!

This weekend I have nothing on. It's a great feeling, to be completely free of obligation. Disclaimer here - if I actually do have something on, and I've simply forgotten, please tell me, mmk?

Question for today - if you could have any superpower you wanted, what would it be, and why?

Also, I have things for people, and will be at Fidels this evening. If you are one of the people I have things for, please drop by and divest me of your things. And say hi. ;-)
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