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So today I am thinking about the difference between an acquaintance and a friend. I mean, that's a boundary of sorts right? So, what defines the boundary? Is it a line or a zone? I'm a little hazy on this one. Is it to do with time spent? Trust level? 'Closeness'? History? Can someone please explain to me what the difference is for them, and how it affects their behaviour/feelings?

Today Happy made me, well.. happy. With the gift of horsies! Horsies doing extreme sports! From here.

This is my favourite:

Also, not extreme sports ponies, but LOOK AT THE PRETTY FLOWERS!

They are from Mum's garden. Sooo pretty. I'm so proud of her making that drab lawn-with-bushes into such a riotously beautiful garden. ;-)

Yay for upcoming holiday weekends! New flattie is moving in tomorrow, I'm looking forward to that. After a long winter of coldness, the lounge is warm, attractive and used again. It's nice. Phil seems like a decent guy. Also, the United Nations went fishing again yesterday. This time they came home with two good-sized red cod, which had been given to them by another fisherman because they weren't catching any. Still cute! ;-) And Frederic can now do a hand trick with the hoop. *is impressed at his dedication*

I will be at Fidels tonight drinking (coffee) to Polly's potential new jobs and sending out vibes for success for her. Tomorrow I will be revelling in the three-day weekend, a status which will last as long as the weekend does. Please tell me if I have a Thing with you because as usual I'm going "There's something I'm supposed to do, what is it again?"
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