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I am a hopeful romantic

Anyone seen the front page of the DomPost today? To all you doomsayers out there, tell me - if civilisation is about to collapse into a pile of market-bubble squeaky foam real-economy vs paper-economy leftovers, why on earth is the lead story today about how they've found a namesake for Dan Carter, and it's a young teenage soccer playing English girl who's never heard of him?

Is New Zealand really that desperate for news? Or is the background shirtless guy in the photo supposed to be light relief and distraction from our inevitable fate?

And I can't forget you
But I can't remember

You could call it my secret shame, only it's not a secret and I'm not ashamed. I've blurbled on enough about LIVE that most of you get the drift of why I like them so much, so I won't inflict (hot singer) the tedious (great voice) details (the spirit/angst juxtaposition) on (lyrics) you. *cough*

I'm not big on posting lyrics - I do it occasionally though. The last time I did, someone said "So what's all that about then? Explain yourself." So I did, in true Tats style in 2000 words or so. Because, you know, someone asked and for me that's license to ramble. It amazed me that people read it.

Anyway, the song that line came from is "Turn My Head" from the Secret Samadhi album, which is the experimental one that didn't do so well because everyone expected poor old Ed to keep regurgitating Throwing Copper over and over again. I actually like this album more. It's always my first pick when I go on a LIVE kick - and I have all their albums... la la la *fangirl* And the song has a plaintive, haunting quality that is reminiscent of past lovers, intense passion and .. something else I can't describe, something to do with failure to save, regret.. I think it's incredibly romantic, which probably says something about me but we won't go there eh?

BUT! Going on a LIVE kick is a good thing, oh yes. Not just because I get to listen to delicious tasty Ed Kowalczyk singing delicious tasty songs, but also because I know myself well enough to know that when I'm listening to LIVE, I'm processing. My mind goes down into the music and lyrics and although I don't think about them too deeply in terms of their meaning, they touch me and things change. And that's a good thing.

The other thing that goes with this is incredibly inane colour-matching computer games. My brain/psyche/spirit has had a lot of exercise this year, it's a bit worn out, and so spending a couple of hours of an evening playing Fishdom (which probably should be my secret shame but again with the not secret, not ashamed thing) and listening to LIVE is regenerating, and I feel good.

Also, in "Well duh Tats!" news, I am learning, after a lifetime of having rhinoceros skin, how to deal with reactions. Yes, I should have changed my bedding when I changed everything else, but I didn't think of it. Also - forgot to wash my towels. Oh, come on, it's not as if I forgot where they were or anything - but yes, post shower last night I went *facepalm* *scratchscratch* O.o Hi I'm Tats and robust good health makes you stupid.

Here, have some more lyrics - no idea what they mean but somehow I know they will mean something to someone. For me it's about isolation and judgement, and what happens when people get put on pedastals.

We came to love you - all day
These bastards are leavin' - somebody's got to stay
Whatever we called you, it's just a name, just a name

A challenge for those of you bored at work today. I challenge you to pick a few lines of lyrics that have meaning for you, and explain what they mean. Lots of folks post lyrics, but most people never enlarge on what the deal is with those particular ones. I think it shows what's inside people when they write about something personal like that, and I'd love to see inside you. Go on, dare yah.
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