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Last night I slept naked. This morning I woke up less itchy. I surmise from this that my jammies, being flannelette, have absorbed All The Itching Powder In The World, and have been releasing it on me in my sleep. Also that I don't really need to be wearing them now it's a bit warmer.


Last night I hooped around the lawn. Charlotte's comment - "You always look so HAPPY when you do that!" Also, the flatties have been practicing. Frederic can now hoop for as long as he wants without dropping it, and is losing the awkwardness that you have when you first start.

It's interesting watching men learn to hoop. They are built differently (O RLY? YA RLY!), and it seems to affect hip flexibility. For a start I thought it was only our repressed Kiwi jokers who couldn't wiggle, but apparently this afflicts those of European origin too - and they are definitely less repressed. So I figure it's maybe something in the 'no waist, straight pelvis' thing. Men tend to move their whole body when hooping, especially the chest and shoulders. This makes the hoop travel up much more easily, but also looks more awkward and like more effort - less slinky, I guess.

Even Karis from the Mutaytor, arguably one of the best male hoopers in the world, still manages to miss out on looking slinky. He looks, well.. manly. And just a little stiff, even while he does all the tricks I do and some. Hmm. Bone structure? Muscle structure? As a contrast, here's Anah Reichenbach doing her thing. See how her spine seems to go in 5 different directions at once? And Karis's just.. doesn't. I think Anah is better at hooping than Karis anyway, more polished, but still. Hmm.

Anyway, I still enjoy watching men do it. Especially men with their shirts off in short kilts. Me? Objectifying? Well, tell me how I'm supposed to not objectify a man who's shaking his ass with his shirt off on a YouTube video - it's not like I can respectfully get to know him before I perv, is it?

La la la

Meanwhile, burglar alarms are great - until they have 'trouble'. Then they're annoying. They beep at you to tell you there's something wrong. Then they beep at you to tell you that the thing you did to fix them didn't work. Then they beep at you just for the hell of it. Then you call a technician.

(sorry folks, the beeping is too slow in the BPM department for real minimal techno, and the bassline sucks)

Also, my life is an endless round of lawnmowing. I like lawnmowing. Bet you wish you were me.
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