tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Don't go to the doctor, they make you sick.

It really is amazing what your brain comes up with at 3 o'clock in the morning. Last night I'd almost managed to convince myself I have mad cow disease. For serious. Not dreaming even!

I stopped taking those pills nearly a week ago. 24 hours after I stopped taking them, I started getting non-specific itching. A random part of my body would itch madly for about half an hour, then stop and some other part would start to itch. I was warned that Augmentin might give me thrush, but I don't have that. I have this crazy itching with no rash, no swelling, no hives.

And last night it kept me awake, and there are scratch marks all up my thighs from where I've scratched myself in my sleep. ;-/

The only disease I know of that causes maddening itching with no apparent cause is scrapie, the neurological disease that's the sheep equivalent of mad cow disease. And when I was lying there awake and thought I could hear something moving around inside my pillow, I had decided that yes I have mad cow disease because it sure as hell felt like I was going insane.

In the rational light of day, I realise it's probably another spinoff from the antibiotics that they failed to warn me about. My mouth has gone back to normal, my personal scent is almost the way it should be, and I'm expecting this itching will subside over the next couple of days. Someone suggested I rub acidophilus yoghurt on my skin. Golly.

But seriously, fuck this. After years of not going to the doctor and being mostly fine, I finally go and they give me pills that make me feel worse not better, with all these fun side effects, which add up, to me, to ongoing problems. Why on earth would I go back? My body is not accustomed to having its chemistry messed with like that, and it doesn't like it, y'hear?

*polite cough from the peanut gallery*

Yes I know, but psychoactive substances affect -brain- chemistry, and don't cause me to smell funny and itch. And if they did, I wouldn't take them. In fact, I've taken a fair variety of psychoactive substances recreationally, and NONE of them have affected my health as badly as this thing that's supposed to be helping me get better. In fact none of them have affected my health at all. Yet they are banned as harmful, and meanwhile doctors hand out pills with side effects that make me feel worse not better. Sure, whatever the infection was is gone - but so is my comfort, the natural balance of bacteria in my body, and if this damn itching doesn't stop, my sanity.

I can see why people go all homeopathic on it. Seriously, if that's medicine I'd rather take my chances with nature.

I may have got not much sleep last night and therefore be Grumpy. Grumpy Tats is Grumpy. Suck it up.

On the non-itchy and therefore up side, this weekend coming is a holiday weekend! RAR! For those not in Unzud, we have this huge gap between Queen's Birthday weekend at the start of June and Labour weekend at the end of October - nearly 5 months during winter, with no public holidays. The positive of this is that we get lots of public holidays in summer - but it also means that Labour weekend is a shining light at the end of a very long tunnel. I have Plans! They are Good! It's going to be awesome!

Also, The United Nations brought home four fish - spotties, the biggest of which was around 5 inches long. They filleted and cooked them up and we had some. *checks* Yep, still cute. ;-)

French boys hula hooping = *teehee*
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