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So I have a clean bill of health, and doctor permission to stop taking antibiotics, which is good because I stopped them on Wednesday. They were making me feel worse than whatever was wrong with me. The doctor thinks that one of my ovaries was sitting behind a ligament (WTF? I didn't know I have ligments in my pelvis!), and the exam she did the other day shifted it back where it belongs, since I haven't had pain since then. Clearly my ovaries are not shy and retiring, and dislike being in the background behind anything else.

Go figure. Now, I fully expect to not see a doctor for another 5 years, mmk?

Last night I got overcome with creative urges while hanging out with a friend. So we ended up drawing all over my folder and pinging ideas off each other, and he pulled out his fluoro string and it was RAINBOW COLOURED and can I just say I'm really excited about the decor for the next WDC party and I'm off to Spotlight tonight to indulge!

This is a nice feeling. The art I made for Kiwiburn last year turned out to be much more of a success than I expected it to be - so now I'm feeling pressure (completely my own) to pull something out that tops that, and it's been blocking my creative flow so to speak. And of course the other thing is that I have lots of ideas and only the time/resources to pull off one or two of them.

But. I have Plans! And that's an improvement. ;-)

I do like creating environments. You know, where you have a space and you want it to feel a certain way? I like doing the things that make it feel that way. It was one of the things that really clicked between me and my ex - he liked doing techy sound stuff and lighting, and I like doing decor, and, you know, that was cool. Between us we made a few environments that were Very Nice Indeed.

And of course, thinking about that brings back memories of Shiny and Weird Pscience, which is all nostalgic and nice. Does this mean I'm getting over it? Well, probably, until I remember that by the time Weird Pscience rolled round the lying and cheating was already well underway. ;-/ Kind of tarnishes the memory a little.

However, the fact that I do remember some positive stuff means things are looking up, right? And realistically, those parties were not made by him and me, but by a dedicated group of Dance Collective people putting in time and effort. And now, with that realisation my motivation is returning, as evidenced by my disappointment last night that Spotlight wasn't open so I could GET STARTED RIGHT NOW!

I want to learn the techy sound and lighting stuff, although there are loads of people around who know how to do it and are willing. It's one of those things in my personality - the need to be able to do things for myself, so that I don't have to rely on other people. Which is a bit silly given that the other people in my life these days are reliable. And it also leads to having a collection of strange skills like sheep shearing. I mean really. *points at self* Dork.

I'm also contemplating learning to DJ. I don't have any real desire to be rich and famous and adored by millions, but it'd be damn useful to be able to stick my hand up and say "I'll play!" in situations where a gap needs to be filled, you know? And I think I'd probably be quite good at it with a bit of practice. I have a pretty good sense of rhythm... what else do you need, right? Right? Hehehe...

See that up there? That's me doing that thing I do. Anyone read Animal Farm? I am Napoleon.

La la la, Fidels tonight since it's not cold and horrilble. I like that the rain has laid the pollen though. Even non-allergy-sufferers were having problems, and clear nostrils are Love.

PS I get to see Jane Goodall speak tomorrow. And probably hear her too. Narny narny.

PPS Cadastral surveying - marking out land boundaries, or weird new-age meditation technique?
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