tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I lost another chunk of hair last night...

I'm enjoying living with Claudio. He's pretty quiet and unobtrusive, clean, friendly, and proving to be somewhat of a whiz in the kitchen. This morning there was a plateful of yummies in the fridge, with a note saying "Help yourself to pave du chocolat!" I particularly enjoyed the way the note was stuck on the fridge with magnets spelling "Sweet is here."

I have yet to have an actual conversation with this guy, mostly because I'm hardly ever home. But he's good value, and I like him.

This week is the week of the acidophilus yoghurt. There's probably such a thing as too much, but right now I'm going for broke with the bacteria restoration. Meh. Enough about that...

OK now I am going to be uncharitable. One of my colleagues just walked in and immediately launched into a litany of disaster (to one of my other colleagues) about the terrible time she had getting to work this morning because of having to bring one of her kids in for some school thing. In minute detail, with tangents to explain more stuff about her home, family and kids.

So, it's foremost in her mind, I can understand that. But.. I'm not convinced that the other colleague (who is a lovely young guy, polite, friendly etc) is really benefiting from knowing the details of the home life of a woman 20 years his senior. It's almost as if people are using him as a listening post, because he listens. Which apparently gives free license to also use him as a negativity sink and someone to bombard with boring details of their boring lives.

Hi, I'm Tats and I'm completely aware that posting my ovaries on the internet could be construed as bombarding people with personal details of no interest to them whatsoever. But at least on the internet, people can choose not to read, and also mutter under their breath about what a wanker I am, without straining any relationships, you know?

Ok, dumbest word in the English language - Should've. Why? Because talking about the thing you ought to have done instead of the thing you did do, when you can't actually go back and change it? Stupid, self-flagellating bollocks. Talking about what you will do differently if faced with the same situation in the future? Intelligent. See the difference?

I recommend removing should've from your vocabulary. Because, you know, I'm right and you should do what I say. *nod*

In spam today - "Scare her to death with your size!!!"

I think maybe someone wasn't quite awake when they wrote that.

Is it just me or is the atmospheric pressure doing weird things? Today feels oppressive.

[EDIT] It must be my turn by now to produce the media for Blobby Night. pombagira and/or vernacularity, do you have any requests? Everyone else, do you have any recommendations?
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