tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

In which I stoop to new depths of OMGWTFness.

I realised in conversation with allyn last night that I'd never updated my 100 pushup thing. Yes, I did them, it was a struggle, but they were done. After which I went "OK, that works, what now?" and stopped doing pushups altogether.

Now, I'm doing a maintenance thingy that I made up myself, which is 5 sets of 20 every couple of days or so, just because it'd be a shame to do all that work and not keep it up. So yeah. Anyone else who did it got an update?

The final instalment of the "Build Your Own Tats" series:

Now this is a part of myself that even I haven't seen before. Aren't they lovely? Yeah, ok, they are grey blobs of unidentifiable blobbiness. Luckily they're conveniently labelled. Also, one is bigger than the other.

The black blobs are follicles. Follicles turn into eggs and pop off on a monthly basis to go do that reproduction thing that we all learned about in 4th form biology. Apparently they were looking for a dominant one as the potential cause of my pain. But as you can see, none of them are wearing leather or carrying a whip and handcuffs, so clearly my follicles are all switches. O.o

I am still a little weirded out by the fact that I produce eggs unconsciously.

Anyway, they found nothing amiss in there. Which is mysterious, but good just the same. The next step is to go back to the doctor and say "Well, you know when you were poking and prodding and trying to get me to yelp? Ever since then there's been no pain. I reckon you fiddled whatever was out of line, back into line, and now it seems I'm fine. Can I stop taking these pills now?"

On the upside of pill-taking though, I haven't had to floss for several days. My teeth have never felt cleaner! Awesome.

So anyway, that's where the girly TMI is at at the moment. Somewhere that doesn't hurt, and that's all good by me.

Kiwiburn meeting last night, at which I forgot to produce cupcakes. Sorry guys. There was innuendo and merriment and even some serious decision making. And best of all, it didn't feel like a chore, for the first time since February. This must mean that my enthusiasm for it is returning. Can we all say YAY! You should come, by the way. We have a lake. And we've had the Plague of Mosquitoes, and the Plague of Flies, so this year I predict we'll have a Plague of Butterflies. And it'll be awesome.

Future History, mofos. How apt.

PS Someone just sent me this link as illustration of what's happening in the stock market. I find it amusing that they ran out of verbs: climbed, gained, rose, added, rallied, soared.. then they start repeating themselves. Hehe, journalism is funny. Oh hang on - advanced, jumped, boosted, surged. Yep, that's actually it. I can just picture the writer with their thesaurus going "I'm so bored with writing 'rose'..."
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