tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The things you find

When you're looking around farms. This morning we went for a drive over the deer farm, to scope out the cattle I'll be looking after over the next month. In our travels, we found this:

He's a twin. Twin calves are uncommon and cows are pretty thick and can't count, so this one's mum has rejected him. The other twin is just as small but doing just fine, this one's going home to be raised by the farmer's daughter on powdered milk. The alternative was a nasty slow death.

But look at how tiny he is! I put him next to First to give you an idea of size, and she was like "Hey man, at least kill my dinner before you give it to me.." He weighs probably about 15kg, which is less than First.

La la la, life on the farm might be harsh but it's never dull.

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