tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

So I went to the doctor and told her what was up, she did some poking and prodding and then out came The Dreaded Speculum (which she at least warmed up) and she said everything looked fine and then she did an internal exam in which she attempted and failed to make me yelp, and said things seem a bit swollen and it's all a bit weird and I should have an ultrasound because I might have a cyst on my ovary or it might be the IUCD sitting funny but it's strange because I do have some sort of infection but even though it hurts all the time when she pressed on it it didn't and then there were swabs and

"Oh by the way the ultrasound is $140. And here are some antibiotics which are almost guaranteed to give you thrush."

That's what she actually said.

After which I sat there trying not to cry. Which is stupid, because if it is a cyst, I should know. If it's the IUCD sitting funny, it should be removed. And I've been in almost constant pain for the last week, and that should stop. And who cares about $140 and a possible case of thrush in that situation? Right? Well, I do. I'm tired of dealing with crap. Tired. You hear me world? I AM FUCKING SICK OF DEALING WITH SHIT! If you do not cease and desist I am likely to lose the grace that people seem to credit me with, and do something really unladylike.


I would like this little run of uncool stuff in my life to stop now. Thanks.
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