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*doof doof doof*

Last night I arrived home to a mysterious parcel. Ooh! I like mysterious parcels! turns out it's the Cosmic Conspiracy cd Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Can I just say *SQUEE* I am listening to it now and it's awesometastic. It has Grouch! <3 Grouch.

But. Weird thing. I never ordered this CD, and I don't recall anyone offering it to me. It was very clearly addressed to me, and the stamps are NZ ones, but the postmark is blurred out, so I have no idea where this came from. So, um.. if you offered me this and I have forgotten, please accept my humble apologies, and identify yourself so I can thank you properly. If not, and you read this, please accept my gratitude anyway. The gift of music (especially my kind of music made by people I know) is both wonderful and special. Thank you.

*bops in chair* Fuck I'm loving this album. O god bassline! Anyway..

Last night pombagira and I initiated ourselves into the gratuitous vampire porn with Anna Paquin (O.o) that is True Blood. It's actually quite good and we watched all 5 eps one after the other while scoffing first maltesers, then Bounty bars, then the lufferly MEAT cooked by vernacularity. Nom nom nom.

So anyway, watching all that got me thinking about chest hair. Yes. The guy who plays the lead vampire, Bill (yes Bill), has what I call english chest hair.

WTF? English chest hair? Well, yes. There is a type of chest hair pattern that to me, says 'English descent.' And another type that says 'Scots/maybe Irish descent.' I realise that not everyone in the world is of English or Scots or Irish descent, but I live in New Zealand, where many people are. And other ethnicities you find a lot of in NZ are not really hairy at all.

*cough* so anyway, back to Bill the Vampire, played by Stephen Moyer. I couldn't find a photo of him with his shirt off, but here are some other people you might recognise:

Daniel Radcliffe is one of the best examples I could find of English Chest Hair. See how it all points towards the middle, makes a line down the tummy, and is quite long, fine and lays sort of flat? Contrast that with Julian McMahon:

See how his is more evenly spread across his chest, is curly and appears to stick out? That's what my ex husband (another Mc name) had. Here are some more. English:




Viggo is not English but close:

(he's close enough, along with Mr Gyllenhaal, to make me think that maybe English of Scandinavian descent might be closer..)

And finally, because I know all you girlies love him (OK I do), a gratuitious shot of Michael Praed:

Who, if you look closely at the middle picture, is also showing his ancestry in his chest hair.

Anyway, this is all based purely on my observation. Anyone who would like to prove me wrong, please do. But I reckon the best way would be to do a straw poll.

Any of you guys out there brave enough to take a photo of your chest hair pattern and post it here along with a brief rundown of your ancestry? You could do it anonymously if you're shy.

Go on, you know you want to..

Oh, and I bought my ticket for Canaan Downs. Anyone know if they have them in Cosmic Corner yet for the pickups?

PS Also <3 Hedonix..
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