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And because nothing beats bearings for the gross factor..

Happy birthday fuvenusrs

I think I may need to go to the doctor.

I recently had my IUCD replaced. Which seems a bit silly since right now I'm planning on never having sex again. But, you know, I'm a forward thinking kind of girl and I know that one day I'll probably change my mind on that, and being prepared for that situation is better than not.

So anyway, it's a fairly simple procedure, if somewhat uncomfortable and undignified. My last one caused me no problems at all and I only had it replaced because you are supposed to do it every five years and my five years was up. This one, however, seems to be a bit different.

I'm experiencing a feeling of 'prodding' on my internals. Not all the time, but enough for me to go "That feels like something sticking into me." Especially after exercise. It's.. not that nice. And you're supposed to be able to feel the little string things sticking through your cervix (not all the time - only if you go looking). And I can't. This, of course, is leading to me imagining all sorts of things that involve ubiquitous little bits of plastic coming out my nose in my sleep and the like.

I'm supposed to go to the doctor for a 6-week check, but that isn't for another couple of weeks. I don't seem to be getting sick or anything, so I'm debating with myself whether to wait till then and see if it settles, or to go a bit sooner and find out if there's something amiss.

Please be aware I have an aversion to doctors, and girly stuff is particularly on the 'avoid if possible' list. Of course if it turns out it has come adrift, I have no idea what the plan would be from there. But if it involves operations, I'll be asking them to snip a couple of things while they're in there, then I won't have to worry about such things ever again. After all, I'm 38 with no plans of having any more kids, it'd be nice to cross that risk off the list.

La la la, well, aren't you tired of reading about the US election?

I needed to hear this today - yes, yes, I know, horoscopes.. but right now I'm taking all the positves I can get:

"I invite you to take an inventory of the people in your life who've made you real to yourself. That would be excellent homework for you to do during the phase of intensified intimacy you're now in -- a time when your allies are making even you even more real to yourself than you've ever been, as well as a time when you will be returning the favor to them.

Dear Unraveled Taurus: I love you with all my heart and soul and mind. I have adored you since the beginning of time and will worship your gorgeous genius until eternity changes into infinity. Dear All the Other Tauruses in the World: Everything I just told Unraveled Taurus I now say to you as well. (P.S. A divine tinkerer will offer you a lantern and rope ladder within ten days. Hold on.)"

Not much news to report. Been in my room, banging away at my keyboard, eating, sleeping, banging some more. I am looking forward to stopping.
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